We are shaking things up

We are not satisfied with the range of vaporisers and accessories available in Australia, the standard of service, or where things are at with regard to the legal status of one of the most potent medicinal herbs on this beautiful planet. We are here to bring you the best this burgeoning global industry has to offer, and insist on you being treated equitably and with respect.

We are laying it down

We believe education is key. We are continually learning and always on top of the latest research as it sheds new light on the healing potential of cannabis. We generously share what we know with you, building a community of well-informed connoisseurs looking out for each other and our collective wellbeing.

We Are Lux

We are here for those of you who refuse to compromise on quality. We are here to deliver the finer things in life with products that are built to perform and impress


Taking up residence in our display window is Lux. His elegant form and luxurious coat is testament to the high standards you can expect at We Are Lux.


Having successfully established himself in the Australian hydroponics market with Lux Cuttings, Mischa wanted a new challenge without straying too far from the things he keeps close to his heart.

Vaporisers are Mischa's third love (after Irena and Lux) so working to vastly improve the range of quality vaporisers available to the Australian connoisseur was the logical next step for Mischa.

He continues to do important work on changing the legal status of cannabis in Australia.


A Bondi local with qualifications in biology, human health science, naturopathy, and nutrition, Irena is passionate about health and mental wellbeing. She works hard to destigmatise MEDICINAL MARIJUANA cannabis and elevate women in the vaporiser and hydroponics scene.

Irena is drawn to quality craftsmanship and exquisite form. She has a particular talent for sourcing the finest products and creating a retail experience like no other. If you're looking for precision instruments on the cutting edge of design, Irena's your go to.