11.5″ Funky 3-Tone Modern Beaker


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Can’t do my usual brand spiel as I am a little uncertain as to the exact brand. I tend to search far and wide for innovative products to stock, mostly purchasing Brands that have proved their worth and/or stand out from the crowd. Once in a while though I come across a product from an unknown brand, I do as much research as I can and then I take a chance. I have been lucky so far and I am very happy to support up and coming new talents.


I am going to be unashamedly superficial and can happily state that I primarily chose this piece based initially on looks alone. I adored it the moment I laid eyes on it. Reminds me of an art deco style vase that I would display proudly anywhere in my home (art deco is my thing!). All glass but in 3 shades of colour – black, green and a teal/blue shade.

TIP: Sadly the picture does not show the colours as they truly are. The green and the blue shades are quite distinct from each other.

Starting from the base there is a flat pedestal that the whole piece rests upon, almost looks like it is floating above it. The pedestal and the water chamber above are of 2 different shades of colour, really popping visually. The water chamber is quite roomy with a narrowing at its apex for an anti-splashback effect. As you make your way up towards the mouthpiece you will encounter 2 more narrowing/expanding points. These areas allow your smoke to accumulate enabling you to control your inhalations.

The glass down stem is quite noticeable as it is sleek black in colour and stands out against the teal glass. This stem is not fixed in place and slots into a 14mm frosted female port. This is a diffusion down stem with a 4-slitted bulb like end. These slits break down your large smoke bubble into smaller bubbles for a cooler/smooth experience. Water filtration keeps to “clean” the smoke and an intricate percolation system helps with this process. A flower bowl is provided (14mm male connection) and sadly it is the only clear portion of this piece. Thick clear glass with a side handle and a frosted port.

Travel up the beautiful neck and the final narrowing will lead directly up to your lips. The actual mouthpiece is quite wide with a reinforced rim around the edges. This is a work of art, in my humble opinion and a real head turner.


  • X1 11.5″ Funky 3-Tone Modern Beaker
  • X1 Diffusion down stem (14mm)
  • X1 14mm Flower Bowl (male, handled and clear glass)


  • Size:11.5″ Tall
  • Made of Quality Glass
  • Multiple colours
  • Removable down stem
  • Diffusion Percolator
  • Short Pedestal
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