Grav Labs 12mm Taster Pipe with Silicone Skin


Grav Labs, hands down are the masters of glass, scientific producers of glass if you will. A global reputation that is hard to surpass. Built to last, highly functional and as gorgeous as glass can get. Those in the know only and always use Grav Labs glass.


Sometimes a one-hitter is all you need. Easy to pack, use and transport. The 12mm Grav Taster with Silicone Skin may be the best one-hitter I have seen in a while. Firstly, as this is Grav you know that only the highest quality glass is used. I’m holding one right now and the glass has the look and smooth feel of a quality pipe. The silicone skin adds to the aesthetic appeal and is easily removable for cleaning.

The length of the glass measures in at just under 7.5cms but that’s minus the silicone skin which sits partially around the glass. This skin serves 2 purposes – to act as a shock absorber and as a cap for when you pre-load your pipe. The silicone skin is quite thick and should do quite a good job of protecting the glass whilst still allowing you to see within. One end of the easily removable skin acts as a cap whilst the other end tapers to an ergonomic mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is pinched and acts as an effective ash catcher.

My eagle-eyed customers would have noticed that I also sell the 16mm Grav Taster, so why go for this version then? Aside from the fact that it is slightly smaller (narrower) the one big difference between the 2 is the design of the bowl portion. The 12mm taster does not have a glass screen built in (as does the 16mm) but instead the bowl narrows dramatically (pinch point). This ensures that o do n ogt inhale any actual plant material.

Total measurement including silicone skin = 10cms.


x1 12mm Grav Taster with removeable Silicone Skin


  • made/designed by Stephan Peirce
  • length height: 4″/10cms
  • 13mm tubing
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Silicone skin – removable
  • use with: Flower

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**


Black, Blue, Green, Yellow

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