Glass Dabbing Tool – Dab Cat


As dabbing starts to take off in Australia I have tried to keep track, researching diligently to provide my customers a wide variety of highly functional and/or freaking cool 420 lifestyle products. For those of you that are unaware, dabbing is the consumption (inhalation) of herbal concentrates. Also know as wax, shatter, rosin or thick herbal oils.  An extremely potent method that should not be treated lightly!

Appropriate tools can enhance your dabbing experience allowing you to maintain control over any mess and most importantly help to keep you safe. Inhaling anything other than oxygen into your lungs will never be labelled as “safe” but I am a large proponent of harm minimisation wherever you can get it.


As a massive lover of animals, it wasn’t hard to decide to stock these adorable Dab Cats. Lets break them down. Those new to dabbing may not understand their purpose. In a nutshell, these Dab Cats are a loading tool that enables you to move your concentrate/wax from one place to another (dip and stick method), usually when preparing for inhalation via electronic vaporiser or glass dab rig.

Made from heavy duty borosilicate glass, these cats are pretty tough, but I would not drop them as glass is still just glass. One end narrows to a point (dabbing end) with a cat on the opposite end (handle). Holding one in my hands I am reminded of a shorter/thinner (and eccentric) knitting needle.

Measuring: 13cms


X1 Dab Cat Glass Dabbing Tool


  • Compatible with concentrates
  • 13cms in length
  • Flower cat design
  • Made from borosilicate glass

Blue, Orange, Red

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