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510 to eGo thread adapter


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eGo versus 510 thread – what is the difference? 

Simply put eGo and 510 are names for threading on a battery or a connection on your mod box. The original purpose of an eGo thread was to make everything bigger and was also a bonus that let companies design cones that would hide the threading and make a 510 on an eGo battery look better on the larger eGo batteries. 

Here’s where it gets interesting. An eGo thread is a common connection used in the vaporiser industry and these accept both eGo and 510 threading. This is because the inside of an eGo thread is actual a 510-threaded connection.

On the other hand, this is not the case for 510 threaded devices. You will need an adapter in order to attach an eGo accessory to a 510-threaded device. In some cases, you can screw on an eGo to a 510 only device, but this is not recommended as it doesn’t always work or is underpowered. A few twists of these adapters and your 510-threaded vaporiser can handle any eGo accessory, from chargers to atomizers. 

You can also use the 510-to-eGo Adapter as an extension to keep the 510-threading of your vaporiser safe from stripping. This 510 adapter features a female connection that supports both 510-threading and eGo. 

Constructed from high grade aluminium, the 510 to eGo adapter features solid threading that does not strip, ensuring the most efficient vaporising experience possible. 

Just in case I have confused you here it is in a nutshell: You can use any 510 on any eGo and you can use almost any eGo on a 510 with a proper adapter (like this one!). 


  • x1 510 to eGo Thread Adapter 
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