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6” Worked bead Bottle Bubbler with Showerhead perc and Flower Bead


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I tried to find out as much about this interesting looking glass bubbler, but alas I was unable to find much for it. What I was able to discover was that it was crafted in China by an unnamed brand and was inspired by American glass artisans. I usually don’t bring in products if I can’t easily do my (extensive) research but was quite intrigued by the design element of this bubbler so I decided to give it a chance.

The entire bubbler from top to bottom stands at 6” tall (approximately 15cms), so it is on the smaller side making it easy to transport. The base measures in at 2”, so it is also on the narrow side. Internally is where all the magic occurs (visually and functionally), and where you will see the shower head percolator (fixed down stem). Not an ordinary down stem either, it curves around a portion of the outer glass creating a fairly unique design. The only removable portion is the glass bowl. A portion of the base and top as well as the entire down stem are an arresting shade of blue (teal I am told), further resulting in one of the most interesting designs I have seen in quite a while. 


For those of you new to this world let’s go back to school and let me explain a few points to you.

  • What is a percolator? An additional water chamber (so a chamber within a chamber technically) that works to cool (and smooth out) the smoke via the use of air and water. The percolator also acts as a filter helping keep your hits clean. A major reason why many cough after taking a hit on a bubbler is due to how the smoke travelled from the bowl all the way up to your mouth and the more direct the route the harsher the effect. And so, this is where a percolator comes in handy helping to extend the pathway that the smoke needs to travel whilst allowing airflow and water (smoke is pushed through water) to dissipate heat.
  • What is a shower head percolator? There are a multitude of different percolator types with shower head being but one design. Shower head percs are quite simple in their design and are shaped a little like a shower in a bathroom (hence the name I guess). Slits are found along the base that work to create bubbles that diffuse and filter the smoke.


Just as you would any other glass bubbler that you may have. Pour water into the base, I recommend filling to just below the flower, but you can go slightly higher if needed. Pack your herbal material within the bowl. Light whilst inhaling. Repeat as needed.

To clean: Just as you would other glassware with a few variations added due to the intricate design of this water bubbler. Isopropyl Alcohol and Rock Salt mixed together work well to help dissolve any resin/gunk build up. As for the curved down stem I would use pipe cleaners (can be dipped in Isopropyl) to move my way through, cleaning as you go. As for the flower bead and shower percolator I would get a bottle brush utensil (with a thin profile and long handle) that you can insert via the opening at the very top of the glass to clean within. Rinse all very well when done and set aside to dry/evaporate.


x1 No label 6” Bottle Bubbler with Showerhead Perc with Worked Flower Bead


  • Height – 6”” (approx. 15cms)
  • Base – 2” (approx.. 5cms)
  • Joint – 14mm
  • Slide: 14mm (male connection)

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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