7″ Mini Honeycomb Frosted Beaker with Fixed Down Stem


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Can’t do my usual brand spiel as I am a little uncertain as to the exact brand. I tend to search far and wide for innovative products to stock, mostly purchasing Brands that have proved their worth and/or stand out from the crowd. Once in a while though I come across a product from an unknown brand, I do as much research as I can and then I take a chance. I have been lucky so far and I am very happy to support up and coming new talents.


So much to describe in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Let’s be superficial and start with looks. A small stature piece that widens and narrows along the way. Standing at just under 17cms tall. 100% all glass (thick, high-quality) that has been tinted blue. There is a black, suede-like finish (frosting) applied to the base and towards the top. A honeycomb pattern has been applied across the piece. I would say this is a Beaker Style Water Pipe, built to resemble a scientific beaker, just on the smaller side.

TIP: Some parts are shiny whilst others are matte in their finish. A very interesting design.

From the bottom up, there is a smaller sized water chamber with an in-built/fixed showerhead percolator (more below) smack bang in the centre. I wouldn’t worry about a smaller chamber in this case as there is a narrowing that will work hard to eliminate splashback. But as per usual I recommend a deep practice inhale first before any usage. The narrowing is actually a bulge at the base of the neck that allows your smoke to accumulate within before moving up though a narrow tube towards your lips. This will allow you to further control your inhalations. The mouthpiece ends in a wide, flat and reinforced platform.

TIP: A 14mm glass flower bowl is provided. It is not blue (is clear) and can hold quite a substantial amount. There is a side handle for easy loading/removal and the port is frost for an airtight connection.


So, what is a showerhead percolator? There are a multitude of different percolator types with showerhead being but one design. Showerhead percs are quite simple in their design and are shaped a little like a shower in a bathroom (hence the name I guess). Slits are found along the base that work to create bubbles that diffuse and filter the smoke. 6 slits sit around the perimeter of the perc allowing your smoke to break up into a mass of small bubbles leading to a cooler/smoother smoking experience.

TIP: An intricate percolation system will require a little soaking with a cleaning agent (I recommend Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+) to ensure it stays clean.


  • X1 7″ Mini Honeycomb Frosted Beaker with Fixed Downstem – blue in colour
  • X1 14mm Flower Bowl (male, frosted, clear glass)


  • Size:18cms/7″ Tall
  • Made of Quality Glass
  • Blue and Black in colour (frosted finish)
  • Honeycomb design
  • Fixed down stem
  • Diffusion Showerhead Percolator
  • Short Pedestal
  • 14mm Thick Bowl

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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