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710 Plus Terpene Infused Ready Mix – Granddaddy Purple + Grape 10ml


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If flavour is your thing then you will love strain specific terpenes. As certain extraction methods (Rosin press, Butane or Alcohol) destroy fragile naturally occurring terpenes within plant matter, the addition of terps to the final concentrate can restore the aroma and flavour of your products. Enhancing your concentrate and turning it into a liquid. In a nutshell these nifty little bottles will turn your herbal wax/concentrates into a wonderfully flavoured vapeable fluid that you can pre-load into an appropriate cartridge (of course I sell these too!).


These 10ml vials may be small but a little goes a long way enabling you to liquefy and vape your chosen extract with strain specific terpenes. These terpenes are created using non-cannabinoid sources, whereby different strains are profiled into their various terpene components. These various terpenes are then extracted from a variety of plants (eg Limonene from lemons) then blended together to mimic the strain. Terpenes sourced directly from cannabis are extremely costly and many believe a waste of good herb (as do I)!

Grandaddy Purple – A strain described as Candy, Grape and Strawberry


You will need the following before you begin – Syringe (Ready Mix makes a great one with 4 tips included),  Glass beaker/container (once again Ready Mix delivers the goods with a beaker and stirrer kit), heat source (microwave/hot plate/double boiler), Thermometer if not using microwave, concentrates and cartridge for filling (ceramic works well).

  • Measure out ready mix into your syringe.
  • Using a heat safe glass container, heat ready mix to 120-150 degrees (10 seconds in the microwave).
  • Let mix cool slightly before placing into cartridge.
  • Use syringe to fill cartridge.


Propylene Glycol, Natural and Artificial Flavorings, Terpenes


x1 10ml glass bottle of Granddaddy Purple + Grape Terpenes

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