710 Ready Mix 1.3Ω 1ml CCELL 510 Threaded Glass Cartridge


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710??? In case you are not aware of its meaning simply turn the number upside down to reveal a word. Get it!!?? The 710 Ready Mix range of products all work together and have one goal in mind – helping you turn your herbal extracts into oils that can be vaped.

I’ll let 710 Ready Mix speak for themselves…..

“We are on the forefront of new products that are changing the industry, revolutionizing products to convert your extracts into herbal suspensions for herbal liquid uses. We’ve spent many hours on developing our products with an attention to detail and quality, which will always be our number one priority next to customer service.


A CCELL cartridge is considered to be a premium level vape cartridge that is specifically designed to effectively vaporise thicker oils (usually herbal in nature). They are unique in shape when compared to a standard vape tank used with e liquids, on the longer side and very thin. Flavour and potency are both increased when using CCELL as opposed to wick-based cartridges.

The first C stands for ceramic. Ceramic coils have the reputation of providing nice and even heating. Nano inlet wicking holes along the base of the interior allow your oil to evenly heat. A further benefit of CCELLs is the fact that they designed to be less prone to leakage.

TIP: All cartridges that We are Lux sells are all standard 510 threaded. Almost all herbal vaporisers that accept cartridges will be 510 threaded and these carts will attach.


These carts hold 1ml of oil and have a resistance of 1.3ohm. A black tapered mouthpiece sits atop and unscrews when you need to fill your cartridge. Speaking of filling, you can refill these carts to a certain extent. Hard to tell you exactly how may refills are possible as a lot of that information is based around the consistency and make-up of the oil being used. Without giving an exact number I can say that they are long lasting and won’t need to be replaced for a while (if used properly of course!). 4 nano wicking holes (2mm each) will allow an even distribution of heat. As with all standard thick oil cartridges these carts are 510 threaded allowing you to attach them to a wide myriad of battery sticks/mods.

TIP: Thick herbal oils are vaped via selecting a voltage as opposed to wattage as seen in e-cigarettes. Most vape pens give you a range to chose from with around 3 volts being an average setting. I recommend starting low and moving up from there.


These carts are easy to fill but will require you to have steady hands. I very strongly recommend getting a good quality syringe (no needle needed) to dispense precisely. Unscrew the black tapered mouthpiece and set aside. Fill your syringe and insert the end between the exposed central chimney and the glass. Ensure you are correctly in place before dispensing. The gap between chimney and glass is quite small and it can get quite messy (and wasteful) if you misjudge the space. Once filled replace the cap and wait a few minutes before beginning to vape to allow adequate wicking and the oil to settle.


X1 710 Ready Mix 1ml 1.3ohm CCELL 510 Threaded Thick Oil Cartridge (0.5ML CARTRIDGE SHOWN IN PHOTO)


  • CCELL Cartridge
  • Great flavour and performance
  • 1ml capacity
  • 1.3ohm resistance
  • 2.0mm wicking holes
  • Black tapered mouthpiece
  • 510 threaded connection
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