Abraxian Zinc Alloy Signature 4 piece Grinder


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When I first opened my store 3 years ago, I decided that I wanted to create a unique retail experience that I felt was lacking in the 420-lifestyle market here is Australia. I felt we were getting left behind as the world forged forward with new and exciting products/brands. I constantly scout around for new innovation (my most favourite part of my job!) and then try my hardest to bring it over to Australia. Not always achievable but I wont stop! Abraxian is a brand that I have been chasing after for most of 2020, and I finally have it!


The quality of their work was one thing but what really tipped me over the edge about Abraxian is the complete kits that all their glassware comes in. All kits come complete with added accessories; 4-piece Zinc Alloy Signature Grinder, a Heat Wand and a Quad-flame Blowtorch.

I am a big fan of grinders; a good quality grinder will easily elevate your ritual and once you let go of the scissors you won’t want to turn back. A grinder worthy of being included in your smoking/vaping/rolling ritual should produce consistently sized and fluffy herbal material. Uniformity in size is particularly important if you are using a herbal vaporiser especially if an efficient heating experience is important to you.

Abraxian decided that they wanted to use Zinc Alloy to make their signature grinders. Why Zinc Alloy? Zinc Alloy is known as being fairly strong (dimensional and impact strength) but its main advantage is its inherent corrosion resistance. Corrsosion occurs whan a substance interacts with the environment and degrades over time. So, in a nutshell Abraxian wanted to craft a grinder that will stand the test of time.

A 4-piece grinder that boasts 3 levels, one of these being a reasonably sized storage chamber (good for moderate use and below). The diamond shaped cutting teeth (don’t worry will not hurt you!) are quite sharp and are nicely spaced apart for easy cleaning. As with almost all high-quality grinders the top lid is magnetic. A fine screen sits at the base of the storage zone, just fine enough to allow any kief to make its way down towards the final level. Lastly a small scoop is provided (not a guitar pick but an actual scoop) for you to easily dispense your herbal material when needed.


  • X1 Abraxian Zinc Alloy Signature 4-piece Grinder


  • Zinc Alloy Construction
  • 4-pieces
  • Diamond Shaped Cutting Teeth
  • Internal Storage
  • Kief Collection Zone
  • Small Scoop provided
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