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There is something so satisfying when you come across a good storage system, on that pays attention to each and every detail. This is particularly important when you have a hobby or a ritual that you love. The growing medicinal marijuana market in Australia is creating a dilemma for many of my customers and I am asked constantly where and how they should store their medicine. I am asked this question for a variety of reasons, with security and maintaining potency the 2 main ones. My recommendation is always to look for a lockable box with individual storage options within (and to use a Boveda pack for humidity control).


The team at Ahlot call themselves “gifted geeks and curious connoisseurs”, which I think is brilliant and I am annoyed I didn’t think of it first! Just like myself, they believe in enhancing rituals with high end accessories. They also seem to be a brand that loves to communicate and innovate via community consultation, constantly tweaking their designs. Let me give you an example of their commendable tactics. Once the first iteration of the Ritual Box was released, Ahlot asked 50 herbal connoisseurs to modify and tailor their boxes to their desires. Ahlot then took all this information to perfect their design.

TIP: Ahlot also offers commissioned custom versions of their boxes.


First things first, this is an award-winning storage box. There are a few different versions of this box and this is the Lockable Entertainment Box. The box is made from natural materials (Pine and Baltic Birch Ply) and is finished using a food-safe preparation. I can attest to the beauty of the wood (gorgeous markings) with dove tail joinery on each corner (my dad is a carpenter). A lock has been attached to the side of the box (built in) enabling you to keep your contents safe and secure.

Let’s step inside the box and you will find 5 flat (removable) wooden panels that all have spaces notched out. These slots hold your accessories in place, so they don’t move about within the box when transported. The following accessories are included.

  • Storage Jars – Both are made from glass with black screw top lids (7cms tall x 6cm wide). Each jar has a clear label that can be written upon (dry erase marker) with a section for strain name, date, category of strain and more. Each jar can hold around 7g.
  • Grinder – A high quality 4-piece grinder is provided. Sleek black matte with the letter A on the top lid 4cms tall x 5.5cms wide). The top cap is held in place magnetically with widely spaced diamond-shaped cutting teeth below. Your ground up material will collect in the storage chamber below. A kief collection zone is located at the very base.
  • Storage Tubes – 2 of these glass tubes are provided with an empty pre-rolled cone in each (king size). The science geek in me loves these tubes as they remind me of test tubes! Each one seals via a cork stopper and just like with the storage jars you are to label the contents within (including the date rolled) on the exterior of the glass.
  • Rolling Papers – A complete pack of 1¼ size rolling papers (50 sheets Smoking brand). High quality, slow burn and extremely thin papers.
  • Filters – 10 filters are provided for you. Not the kind that are strips of cardboard that you roll into a cylindrical shape yourself. These are 100% biodegradable paper filters that resemble the filters you see within cigarettes (but are so very different).
  • Rolling Tray – A hand finished, wooden rolling tray that shields all the contents of the box when in place. A ledge around the interior perimeter of the box holds the tray in place when you pack the box away.
  • Keys – 2 are provided in the box, both are the same so please store one away in a place that you can easily access and won’t forget! As with all other keys, these open a lock. The lock on the outside of this box to be exact. This is probably the most important feature of all, allowing you to feel secure in the knowledge that you are being responsible when storing your precious herb/medicine.

Box Measuring: 13” x 8.99” x 4”


  • X1 Ahlot wooden, lockable box
  • X2 Glass storage jars
  • X2 Glass storage tubes
  • X2 pre-rolled cones (empty king size)
  • X1 4-piece grinder
  • X10 Paper biodegradable filters
  • X1 pack of 1¼ rolling papers
  • X2 Keys
  • X1 Lock (built-in)
  • X1 Rolling Tray


  • Lockable – child safe
  • Weight: 4kgs
  • Material: Pine and Baltic Birch Ply
  • Rewriteable storage
  • Glass storage provided
  • 7g storage jar capacity
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