AirVape XS 1300mAh kit – Rose Gold


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A super slim, small, light, easy and good looking dry herb vaporiser that is considered a rival to some of the higher priced dry herb devises on the market. This unit has a sturdy metal shell and is extremely portable (comes with a leather case for extra protection) and very easy to clean. A 1.3-inch LED display on the front of the unit enables you to precisely adjust temperature to the individual degree (93°C – 220°C), you can also toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit by pressing the power and down buttons simultaneously. This vaporiser also has the unique feature that it vibrates when powered on, when desired temperature is reached and when the unit shuts down.

The ultra-slim XS has a battery capacity of 1300mAh, a fairly decent amount that should see you through a day of moderate vaping. This is considered to be a high quality battery that has been extensively tested in challenging conditions

This elegant unit combines conduction (the transferring of heat via certain materials) and convection heating (the heating of air that then travels away from the source) as well as a high-grade ceramic pathway from the heating chamber to the mouthpiece to create a unique heating experience. This unit heats up pretty fast – 30-45 seconds on average. Can also be used whilst charging (not a common feature). A full charge takes just over an hour.

The mouthpiece features a Cool Screen System. This channels the vapour via a certain pathway (extends the vapour path) preventing it from going straight from the heating chamber to your lips, providing cooler and comfortable draws. The rubber connector on the base of the mouthpiece help keep it from getting hot when using even the highest temperatures. This device does not have a lot of draw resistance making it extremely easy to pull vapour.

A shut off timer appears on the LED screen every time you vape. It is a 3-minute countdown (can be changed to 5 minutes by pressing the power button and up arrow simultaneously). When the time expires the unit will vibrate and power down.

As always for Dry Herb units it is recommended that you sterilise your unit to remove any leftover manufacturing debris with the device. Power on with 5 press of power button. Use the up-arrow button to select the highest temperature (220°C), the Airvape XS will automatically begin to heat up. Let the unit sit and run through a full cycle. Once it turns off repeat the process 3 more times. Now clean and ready to load!

To use: Gently pull out the mouthpiece to expose the ceramic heating chamber. Load the chamber with your finely ground herb of choice – pack it down so it reaches the top edge of the chamber (you don’t want loose herb floating about!) Power on and using the up and down arrows select your desired temperature level. The LED screen will display the temperature changing as the unit heats up. If you do not change the temperature the unit will automatically default to last pre-set level. 190°C – 210°C is recommended as a good range with lower temperatures providing smooth (not very visible) vapour and good flavour whilst higher temperatures create bigger clouds and a not as smooth flavour.

Airvape offers a lifetime warranty on their products (see their website for details).

Contains – AirVape Vaporiser unit, mouthpiece (rubber tip and base attached), extra rubber mouthpiece tip, 2 screens, tweezers, packing tool, cleaning brush, leather case, wall adapter (American plug) and a USB charger cable.