aLeaf 10″ Lotus Beaker Water Pipe with Ice Pinch



It has been a little while since I welcomed a new glassware brand to my ever growing in-store range. My glass wall as I call it encompassed one entire wall with 4 very long shelves from floor to ceiling all full of glass. It is hard not to admire it when I walk across the room! aLeaf hails out of California and my first thought is that their logo looks very familiar and how has Adidas not sued them yet??? Or maybe they are in secret cahoots together making sneakers and glass!? A quick perusal of their site shows some pretty quirky creations with an emphasis on colour and durability.


A Beaker Style Water Pipe, crafted to resemble a scientific beaker used in laboratories. Beakers provide a unique experience as they generally have a large water chamber coupled with a long neck. An ice pinch may also be included. The premise of a Beaker’s design is to provide added filtration and an extra long pathway for an intense experience with levels of comfort increased.

The Lotus Beaker is what I would call “medium” in size, standing at 10” tall (almost 25cms). A large water chamber within with slanted walls and a flat base. Look within (+ underneath) and you will see a swirly geometric design, the hallmark of the Lotus Beaker. A band of colour can also be found on along the mouthpiece and upon the handle of the flower bowl.

A removable down stem and flower bowl are provided, both fitting seamlessly into the other. The down stem is 12cms long and has diffusion slits along the base. These slits help break up the smoke into a multitude of bubbles for more effective filtration and a smoother experience. This down stem is frosted for an airtight fit. The flower bowl is mediumish in size with a 14mm male connection point. The word aLeaf and a black handle are upon the glass of the bowl.

Move your way out of the water chamber and you will hit the 3-pronged ice pinch, a nice feature than enable you to cool down your smoke if so desired. You can insert pieces of ice (frozen water) into the neck where they will rest upon the prongs. Your smoke will pass over the ice and the temperature will be lowered resulting in a more comfortable (less coughing) experience.  Lastly at the very top is the reinforced and nicely rounded out mouthpiece.


  • x1 aLeaf 10″ Lotus Beaker with Ice Pinch
  • x1 Multi-Slit Custom Downstem
  • x1 14mm male flower bowl with handle


  • 10″ (25cm) tall
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Designed for dry flower
  • Down stem diffusion percolator
  • 3 prong Ice Pinch
  • Wide and thick base
  • 14 mm male flower with handle

Black, Purple, Red

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