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These are the genuine pre-rolled premium 110mm cones that are designed for use with the OTTO™ electric grinder and automatic rolling machine created by banana bros. My new favourite product. A grinder but not as you have ever seen before. In a nut shell – with minimal effort on your part, perfectly grind your dry herb and then watch the cone, sitting within the translucent odour control tube, fill in front of your eyes in mere seconds. A whole new evolution designed to expedite and perfect your rolling techniques.
The options are endless, create your own clean and even burning sage smudge sticks or lavender sachets for your pillow or underwear drawer. Experiment and use any herb you desire, if it can be ground, it can be used. So easy to use you may start grinding all sorts of things.

Made of 100% all-natural raw fibre, banana bros.™ OTTO cones offer slow and balanced burning with pure-tasting flavour and aroma. These premium cones are free of GMOs, animal products and chemicals, ensuring the utmost purity every session. A wide lip guarantees that each cone is auto-filled to the brim with no spillage. A solid, hand-rolled design prevents bending and running to promote optimal airflow and burn.

Featuring 100% natural materials and a hand-rolled design that perfectly accommodates the OTTO grinder, each 110mm banana bros. OTTO cone offers full-flavored, robust, and potent hits that connoisseurs will appreciate. Stock up in advance or share them around with your friends. Pretend you rolled them yourself if you really want to be impressive!
To use: Simply place a fresh cone within the fresh seal cone tube of your OTTO grinder. This tube will keep the cones upright and ready to fill. The tube helps to contain all odours (air tight seal) and delivers a quick, even and spill free experience. Power on the grinder. Transparent so you can watch the cones fill. Don’t blink or you may miss it though!

• 20 Pack
• 110mm
• Designed for the OTTO Grinder
• 100% All-Natural Raw Fibre
• Slow, Even Burn
• Wide Lip for Spill-Free Filling
• Bend-Proof for Optimal Airflow
• Free of GMOs, Animal Products and Chemicals

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