Beamer Air Tight Squeeze Tubes – 120mm Cigarillo Style


Beamer Smoke is the brand behind the super amazing Smoke Killer Candles that I have stocked for a while and absolutely adore. An American brand out of Detroit, Michigan. Candles may be what they are known for, but I have been slowing including a wider range of their products, including rolling papers, ashtray and functional storage solutions such as these tubes.  


A simple airtight container that will effortlessly slip into your pocket/bag. A basic tube style container with a pop-up lid. To open this lid you will need to squeeze the sides of the tube evenly. Each tube is fairly durable (a tough plastic is used) and once sealed is airtight. Nothing fancy about these tubes but they do the job they have been designed to do. Your contents will stay fresher for longer whilst staying safe.

There is no end to the ways these tubes can be used apart from your imagination, so feel free to be creative. Carry around your cosmetics, herbal material, jewellery, essential oils, pre-rolled creations, stamp collection, dog treats, dab tools, candy and anything that you can make fit! These are the 120mm Cigarillo Style Tubes meaning they stand at 12cms tall and is wide enough to hold a cigarillo (these tubes are just over half a mm in diameter). A cigarillo is a small cigar.

Features include.

  • Smell Proof – Squeeze tubes are designed to be difficult to open, hence the squeezing to help pop open the lid. The odours are kept within till the lid is opened.
  • Airtight – As above, the pop top lid (once firmly in place) will keep odours stored within. No air will be allowed to enter or exit the tubes at all.
  • Waterproof – Completely waterproof, protecting your wares from any damage incurred from water exposure. This works from both sides; no water comes in and no water goes out. This feature enables you to transport liquids.
  • Preserve and protect – Any herbal material/medications/creams/oils placed within will be preserved for a longer duration than if left out.
  • Travel friendly – Made from tough plastic with a lid that wont accidentally pop open when you least expect it to.
  • Discreet – A simple slim tube in a nondescript style that wont draw attention to itself.


x1 Beamer Airtight and Smell Proof Squeeze Tube – 120mm Cigarillo Style in either a clear or a solid colour (I get a multitude of colours but not all are available at any given time, feel free to message with a specific colour and I will do my best)


  • Durable Strong Plastic
  • 12cms tall and 0.6mm wide
  • Squeeze pop lid
  • Clear or solid colours
  • Holds whatever will fit
  • Airtight
  • Waterproof
  • Discrete
  • Preserve and protect
  • Travel Friendly
  • Easy to clean

Clear, Solid

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