Beamer Aromatic Home Series Candle 12oz – Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt


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For many of my customers odour control is paramount to their enjoyment of their favourite herbal material and they have tried a myriad of “interesting ways” to mask any odours. I feel their pain and have searched high and low for products to help combat this issue and sell a wide range of goods including the SmokeBuddy, Incenses and a variety of candles.


Beamer produces candles that fall into 2 categories, their Smoke Killer Range and the Artisan Range, this is the Artisan Collection. A range featuring very unique and intoxicating scents made in small artisan batches. Please don’t expect your normal stock standard candles as these are quite special, working on a molecular level to effectively destroy the odour.

Both ranges attack the actual odour molecules circulating in the air (more on this soon). At the same time a pretty intoxicating scent is also released, providing an extra level of cover. Personally, I love the smell of almost each and every candle in both ranges and will be adding more to the collection as soon as I can (their range is vast). Lastly, each candle comes in a glass mason jar with a side handle that will make a cool drinking mug when you are done with the candle.

TIP: 90 hours burn time for this candle. 4 hours or less per burn is recommended.


Most candles on the market use fragrance (usually artificial) and other chemicals to “mask” odours, these can be harsh/unsafe especially if used repetitively. And let’s be honest they never really remove the odour, just cover it for a period of time. Beamer Candles DO NOT mask odours but works on a molecular level to break apart chemical bonds of odour molecules. This occurs via natural odour neutralising enzymes and works in the following way:

  • Enzymes are attracted to odour molecules in the air.
  • Bonds to the chemical compounds effectively breaking them down.
  • A new odourless compound is created.
  • The odour is gone!

TIP: This candle is made from a Parasoy Blend which is non-toxic, whilst the wick is lead-free.


This candle does have quite an intriguing name and it has taken me a little time to try to see how I could describe it. Firstly, the candle is more a shade of blue than a shade of black (ignore the photo, the candle is light blue), so am uncertain of the Black Lava input. Beamer describes it as the meeting between lava and the sea. The sea salt is a little easier to touch on, and there is a definite whiff of fresh saltiness upon opening of the lid. A very clean and invigorating scent for those that like a candle a little off kilter and who like a not too sweet candle experience.

TIP: This candle is made from a Parasoy Blend which is a blend of Soy and Parrafin Wax, both being non-toxic. The wick is lead-free.


x1 12oz. (340g)Beamer Aromatic Home Series Candle – Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt


  • No harsh/toxic chemicals
  • Odour Killing Enzymes within
  • Artisan Range
  • Soy/Parrafin blend wax
  • Lead free wick – Zinc
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe for people, pets and the environment
  • 12 oz./340g
  • 90-hour burn time
  • Reusable mason jar
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