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Its not easy to be the industry leader in any chosen field, particularly in the long term. Any brand can create a desirable product that dominates the field but not many can sustain the momentum year after year. Boveda (formerly known as Humidi-Pack) became the global leader in Humidity Control Packs in 1997 and they still hold the title. Cigar lovers have long understood the need for humidity control with the herbal community following suit and fully embracing these innovative little brown packets. True connoisseurs only use Boveda for storage/curing.


Inside each brown Boveda Pack is a mixture of a specially prepared saturated solution of pure water mixed with natural salt. This solution sits within a permeable membrane and works via reverse osmosis. Without getting too technical this process enables the Boveda Pack to maintain a predetermined level of Relative Humidity or RH (62% in this case) by releasing or absorbing (2-way system) purified water vapour as needed via the membrane. This works within sealed containers and will not be useful out in the open.

TIP: 62% RH is an ideal amount of humidity for maintain most herbs, not too wet not too dry.

It may sound complicated but all that you need to do is select the correct size and place the pack in with your herbal material, dark airtight storage is recommended. In a nutshell, the entire purpose of the Boveda Pack is to maintain the terpene profile within the plant. Terpene loss affects flavour and potency. Consider Boveda as a kind of Terpene Shield helping to preserve the precious molecules. Boveda Packs are provided as standard when you purchase a C vault storage device. C Vault is considered the industry standard for optimal storage of herbal material.

TIP: The 4g Boveda Pack has been designed to work optimally with up to ½ ounce of herbal material.


The importance of curing your herb should not be understated. It is the key difference between having a smooth flavoursome and more potent experience as opposed to a ho-hum mediocre one. Curing is basically all about long term preservation of a given product (just like when people cure meats). Long term preservation is produced via the removal of bacteria. The goal of curing Cannabis (not that I am advocating for its illegal use of course! Get a prescription please) is to preserve flavour and most importantly cannabinoids. Terpenes and cannabinoids will degrade/transform over time regardless of how well you store your material.

TIP: Low levels of flavour and harshness usually denote herb that has not be cured correctly.


X1 Boveda Humidity Pack 62% RH 4g


  • Protect Terpenes from evaporation
  • Keeps Humidity at the perfect 62% level
  • Quick and efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Retain Aroma
  • Retains Freshness
  • Less Contamination
  • 4g pack – effective for up to ½ ounce of herb
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