Cali Crusher Cali Clean Grinder Cleaner Concentrate 8oz 236ml


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Cali Crusher are well known for their quality grinders, storage, glassware and other tools. A well-known and trusted brand. I have stocked this brand for a few years now and I plan to keep adding more.


First, I will clarify that even though this bottle is labelled as a “grinder cleaner” does not mean that it is only for grinders. This is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used on glass, acrylic, ceramic, aluminium and more. There isn’t a surface that I can think of that you cant use this cleaner on.

100% alcohol and acetone free, with only natural ingredients used such as naturally occurring oils and soy. 8oz (236ml) of fluid is provided but as this is a concentrate you can double that amount. A 1:1 concentrate ratio, whereby you add the same amount of hot water as the concentrate to make a cleaning solution. This solution is also reusable (to a point) so feel free to soak one piece and then set aside the fluid for another soak.

Cali Clean is completely biodegradable so don’t worry about disposing it safely. It wont damage your skin or hurt your pets, just maybe don’t let them drink it directly! This ingenious solution will also help lubricate parts (due to the oil content), hence why this cleaner is geared specifically towards keeping your grinder clean.


X1 8oz (236ml) bottle of Cali Clean Grinder Cleaner Concentrate


  • Cleans any surface
  • Natural ingredients
  • Lubricates parts
  • Alcohol & acetone FREE!
  • Reusable
  • 8 ounces
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