Cali Crusher OG Slick Series 2” 4-piece Non Stick Grinder


Cali Crusher are well known for their quality grinders, storage, glassware and other tools. A well-known and trusted brand. I am slowly building up my range of Cali Crusher products and plan to continue whilst I research all that they create.

I have, in my humble opinion, a very impressive array of grinders sitting upon my shelves within my herbal vape/luxury 420 lifestyle store. Impressive in terms of the sheer number of brands available, but also due to the innovation that keeps emerging. Just in the last year I have witnessed quite the revolution with the vast majority of grinders now falling into either one of two categories: grinders or mills. 2 quite different methods, one with teeth for shredding and one without. The OG Slick Series is technically a grinder (or pollinator) as it has teeth.


The OG Series were the first grinders that Cali Crusher released to the market, and they are still a popular option for connoisseurs. This is the next iteration; the OG Slick Series with upgrades to both aesthetics and functionality. There are 2 sizes available in the Slick Series; 2 or 2.5” and each are a 4-piece setup. Other than size both are identical, and I sell both sizes!

The OG Slick body has a matte finish and I find it interesting that they have used the word slick as the term conjures up shiny surfaces in my mind. Either way it is a very unique finish, and the bright colours really make them pop. Heavy Duty Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminium has been used in construction to craft a very tough and durable device. The logoed top lid is magnetised with notched out grooves around the perimeter for easy handling.

28 super sharp diamond shaped (won’t cut you) sit with, 16 on the top and 12 beneath. These teeth have been aligned to provide a clean grind without ripping your herb. Your herbal material will be course and fluffy in consistency.  When in use there is an extra smooth and rather quiet grinding motion. A massive point of difference with this grinder is the non-stick ceramic surface within. This will be a big advantage when cleaning.

A 4-piece grinder will almost always have a threaded screen that separates the teeth from the kief storage zone. 2 storage zones are created, one (larger) where your herbal material lands post grind and one (smaller) where smaller particles can fall through (kief). A small scoop is provided for easy dispensing.


  • X1 Cali Crusher OG Slick Series 2” Non Stick 4-Piece Grinder
  • X1 Pollen Scraper


  • Size: 2″
  • Height: 1.5″
  • Heavy Duty aircraft-grade billet aluminium
  • Non-stick safe ceramic
  • Extra smooth and silent grinding motion
  • Micron stainless steel mesh for pollen filtration
  • Super sharp teeth aligned for a clean grind (no ripping)
  • Tough and reliable
  • Great for travel

Blue, Orange, Purple, Silver, Teal

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