Candy Relics 22K Gold Stripe Rolling Tray


An exquisitely hand-made porcelain and 22K Gold Stripe Rolling Tray

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To say that I love this brand is quite the understatement. I have watched them from across the globe, desiring almost everything they make. Dramatic pieces that will get noticed and admired (and possibly stolen). True artisans, in my humble opinion. So, who are Candy Relics? Located in Portland Oregon with a goal of harnessing the relics of the past and then recreating them to correlate with your everyday life. Each and every product is made by hand within their studio and if a flaw is detected they begin again to ensure the highest of quality. I know this first hand as these trays took 3 months to get to me as the first batch didn’t hold up to their exacting standards!

David Price, Morgan Roberts and Dusty the dog are the dynamic team behind it all. The oh so creative David – designer and owner has been working in ceramics since he was a child (imagine all the stuff he made!). 15 years ago he discovered the art of mold making and the Candy Relics that we see today was created. Behind every great man is an equally amazing woman and Morgan appears to be the brains behind it all!


Back to the tray, not sure if this is my all-time favourite Candy Relics piece or if the Honey Bear Bubbler holds that title, I waver back and forth! Either way this is a crazy-cool, stylish and down right sexy rolling tray. Kind of wish I still rolled…

Dimensions: 11″ x 8″ x 7″

A stand out feature that Candy Relics likes to use on a lot of their pieces is the inclusion of 22k gold in some form or another. With their rolling trays the gold comes in the form of a painted stripe across the entire tray. Not necessary, but pure luxury.


Not sure that I really need to instruct you! Just roll the way that makes you happy. Oh, and please be careful this tray is porcelain and can break if mishandled.


Candy Relics recommends washing by hand, using a mild detergent. No citrus based cleansers!


x1 supremely cool 22K Gold stripe Candy Relics Porcelain Rolling Tray

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