Cannabis for Couples by John Selby


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A special book for all the loved-up couples out there that enjoy partaking in herb material together. Many a couple have walked into my store and have been quite vocal in their appreciation of the wonder herb that is cannabis. Some of the stories would make anyone blush! It goes without saying that these customers are in possession of a valid prescription for medicinal marijuana and are not breaking any laws. This book is written by a well-regarded Health Professional named John Selby, a Psychologist/Counsellor from California. Couples Counselling is one of his strong points and he incorporates mindful cannabis use in his therapy sessions.


This man likes to write, an author of 30+ books ranging from self-help books to ways to succeed in business. He has developed numerous mindfulness programs and is a big proponent of meditation. Cannabis is not his only interest as he has also researched psychedelics as a form of treatment. Without going into long detail, Selby is considered to be an innovator in cognitive-shifting psychological techniques and is greatly respected in his field.

TIP: John Selby has 4+ decades of experience as a couple’s therapist.

Why did he write this book? After decades of counselling experience coupled with some extensive research Selby began encouraging couples to begin using cannabis as a tool for connection/reconnection and for the couple to grow emotionally, spiritually and sexually. A thorough examination of what it is to get “high” safely together. A grown-up cannabis experience to help strengthen the relationship. In a nutshell, to enhance intimacy and elevate your relationship.


Here is a difference between getting “high” alone and doing it with another. Doing it alone can be beneficial for insight, creativity and personal growth but when done with a significant other, great experiences can abound. John Selby explains the psychological and neurological perspective of getting “high” and reveals the 7 primary types of inner experience as well as outer behaviour stimulated by THC helping you decipher your own style/needs.

Selby strongly believes that a properly prepared cannabis session can play a role in healing emotional wounds whilst boosting intimacy. This in turn helps many couples to open up emotionally to each other and experience a new level of closeness. He also touches on breathing, meditation and focusing techniques to further deepen the effects on relationships.

Lastly let’s not forget that cannabis is considered to be quite an effective aphrodisiac that can help rekindle stagnant sex lives in receptive individuals. This is a book for those that desire more pleasure, more awareness, greater depths, more sensory excitement, more fun and more wisdom.


X1 Cannabis for Couples Book written by the great John Selby

Note: At We are Lux we do not advocate for the breaking of any Australian laws and this book is for knowledge/entertainment purposes only!

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