Cannabis Health Index by Uwe Blesching


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This is a book that really speaks to me, incorporating my love of science, mindfulness and the health benefits of my most beloved herb. As a former naturopath I tend to still focus on the health of all my customers and endeavour to offer any advice as to options available and alternative paths to explore. Harm minimisation and alternative therapies are my thing and the entire manifesto of my store is based around that premise.


I had not heard of Uwe Blesching (PhD) until quite recently which surprised me as he seems like my kind of person! With a 20 plus year history as a paramedic (and fire fighter) in San Fransicisco I imagine there isn’t much about the human body that he does not know or hasn’t seen. I would have admired him enough just for that alone, but he is also a medical writer (editor in chief of Healing Times Magazine) as well as being a well-respected contributor in the fields of the Cannabinoid Health Sciences and Phyto-pharmacology. His life-long passion for integrative medicine, mindfulness and extensive research mirrors my own except he is a little more (can’t lie, a lot more!) qualified that I am with multiple degrees.


This book is a little different to the others I currently stock. I try to ensure that all the books I stock are factually based and are written by reputable authors, but none are on this level (yet). The Cannabis Health Index is a comprehensive source book that focuses on evidence-based insights taken from over 1000 studies to present a compelling case for the powerful healing effects of medicinal marijuana. 100 chronic symptoms and diseases are focused on and the book is organised into condition-specific chapters allowing for quick research on your part. The efficacy of medicinal marijuana for each symptoms is explored along with suggested recommendations of use.

The Cannabis Health index is all about bringing the reader clear, concise and unbiased information so that informed decisions can be made regarding health care options. This book presents striking evidence that cannabis is remarkably safe and effective when used within the proper therapeutic window, especially compared with the risks of managing chronic symptoms with pharmaceuticals.


x1 The Cannabis Health Index by Uwe Blesching PhD

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