Cannabolish Lavender Collection odour removing candle 7oz. (198g)


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For many of my customers odour control is paramount to their enjoyment of their favourite herbal material and they have tried a myriad of “interesting ways” to mask any odours. I feel their pain and have searched high and low for products to help combat this issue and sell a wide range of goods including the SmokeBuddy, Wild Berry Incence and a variety of candles. Now I can proudly add Cannabolish to my range, a brand that has spent 30 plus years perfecting their range.

Cannabolish makes sprays and candles (yes, I also sell the spray!) that are 100% natural, containing only plant oils, soy (in candle only) and water. Nothing fake. Nothing toxic. But incredibly effective whilst being safe to use around people, pets and planet earth in general. Cannabolish actually prides themselves on being quite environmentally friendly with all packaging recyclable including the glass container. I really love the ethos of this brand.

TIP: This candle is from the all new Cannabolish Lavender Collection. Same superior function but now with the light aroma of Pure Lavender Oil.


This is not your standard nice smelling candle that you would light to mask odour, this candle is so much more than that. Most candles on the market use fragrance (usually artificial) and other chemicals to “mask” odours, these can be harsh/unsafe especially if used repetitively. And let’s be honest they never really remove the odour, just cover it for a period of time. Cannabolish Odour removing candle DOES NOT mask odours but works on a molecular level to break apart chemical bonds of odour molecules.

TIP: This candle is as natural as you can get and is made using cleaning burning soy. The wick does not contain any lead.

So, lets talk science (my favourite topic!).

First thing you will notice is that there is a light whiff of Lavender, the original Cannabolish Candle is designed to be almost odourless with a faint hint of mint, produced from the inclusion of Wintergreen essential oil. This is an upgraded version for those that like something a little different. The odours in herbal products are the result of terpenes (or terpenoids). Cannabolish uses similar terpenes from other plant oils to basically cancel each other out. A full ingredient list can be found on their website but they don’t reveal the blend of plant oils used (proprietary secret). Below is as basic an explanation as I can give;

  • Light the candle allowing the aroma to fragrance the room. Enzymes will be floating around the air.
  • Cannabolish Enzymes are attracted to odour molecules in the air.
  • Cannabolish bonds to the chemical compounds effectively breaking them down.
  • A new odourless compound is created.
  • The odour is gone!


Before lighting any candles, you should trim the top of the wick with a pair of scissors. I recommend doing this before each use. This ensures less soot is produced and keeps the glass pristine. Cannabolish recommend that you do not light for more than 4 hours at a time.

CAUTION: Please never leave any candles unattended or in an area where they can be knocked over. Candle should be placed on a stable heat-safe surface away from any flammable materials/surfaces and not moved whilst lit. Burn within sight and please keep away from children and pets.


x1 7oz. (198g) Cannabolish Odour Removing Candle – Lavender Collection


  • 30+ hours of usage
  • Made with water
  • Includes plant oils
  • Pure Lavender Oil added
  • No masking fragrances
  • No harsh/toxic chemicals
  • No additives of any sort
  • Soy based wax
  • Lead free wick
  • Safe for people, pets and the environment
  • 7oz./198g
  • Recyclable packaging
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