Chameleon Glass Absolute Zero Glycerine Coil Spoon – Orange Core


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Welcome to the store Chameleon Glass, I am always excited to bring in a new brand particularly one that has been around for so long (20+ years)! Chameleon Glass is all about new and original concepts without compromising on quality. Unique hand-made glass pieces crafted in the USA that need to pass stringent standards before even leaving their premises. Each and every pipe they make are double blown and hand-worked both inside and out before being fired in the finest glass kilns.


A standard glass pipe in many regards just with a very special inner core. This is technically a “freezer pipe” meaning that you can place this entire piece into the freezer prior to use for a super cooled effect. Bulging and rounded out at both ends, you have a rather deep bowl to load your herb on one end and a mouthpiece portion on the other. A carb hole sits ergonomically to the side of the bowl. Lastly, I wasn’t sure how to describe this at first but there is a little protruding, marble-like Chameleon Logo on the pipe.

In a nutshell, the entire premise of this pipe is for your smoke to move round and round through a glass tube that sits within a chilled fluid, resulting in super chilled smoke being presented for you to inhale. Cooler smoke is preferable to those that suffer irritation when smoking and is said to provide a more intense experience.


The magic of this piece is down to 2 factors. Chameleon Glass has managed to miniaturise a coil condenser (a spiralled long glass tube), not an easy feat from the research that I have done. Coil condensers have been around for a while but are generally large and bulky and not really effective for a hand pipe. This special tubing works to maximise the cooling of your smoke as it passes through the liquid within the inner core. The inner body of this pipe is actually quite beautiful as you can follow the spiral along from one end to the other.

TIP: Miniaturisation of the coil condenser requires a different sort of inhale and a consistent pull is required to move smoke through efficiently.

The liquid that surrounds the condenser coil is the same sort of fluid that can be found in ice packs. Chameleon Glass have used organic plant-based glycerin within this pipe as they wanted to create a long-lasting (and safe) pipe. There are many “freezer” pipes that compromise and have mineral oils within the core, unfortunately this may cause issues if your pipe is exposed to excessive sunlight (can crack).


X1 Chameleon Glass Absolute Zero Glycerin Coil Spoon (Orange core – BLUE, AS IN PHOTO NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)


  • Length: 7” (18ish cms)
  • Heavy Duty Glass
  • Made in the USA
  • Mininaturised Coil Condenser
  • Freezer Pipe
  • Side Carb hole
  • Dichro Chameleon Logo Glass Marble
  • For use with dry herbal material
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