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Charm Variable Voltage Herbal Oil Vaporiser


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Randy’s as a brand have been in the game since 1975, creating innovative products that they themselves wanted to use (kind of how I do things!). Creating everything from wired rolling papers to vaporiser cleaning fluids and many products in between.

My second plunge into the world of Randy’s. I started with the Pilot, an electric dab rig and now I bring you the Charm. The Charm is quite possible the smallest vape I have ever seen. My hands are pretty small, but I can completely palm the Charm and it can barely be seen. So, if discretion and ease of portability are your thing then look no further. A lanyard is provided in this kit as you are not going to want to be far from your Charm!

At 2.5” tall and 1.25” wide please don’t be fooled by the small stature, the Charm is a variable voltage thick oil vaporiser (not e-juices) that packs a punch. A 500mAh in-built battery with included Micro USB should see you vaping throughout most of a day (low to moderate use) till a charge is needed. Unfortunately, you cannot vape with your Charm during charging (no pass through).

The Charm has an open side design allowing you to use any 510 (pre-filled or not) cartridge. A ceramic atomiser (empty cartridge) is provided for you to fill yourself (four 1.6mm holes). The included cartridge is on the shorter side to match the low profile of the Charm, but I have pulled out all my larger cartridges and as long as they are 510 threaded then the cartridge will fit.

No screen but the Charm gives you the option to choose between 3 voltages. This is an important feature in oil vaporisers and shouldn’t be underestimated. All 3 offering something a little different. Each setting has been assigned a designated colour and can be cycled through easily by 3 clicks of the button. (settings also printed on base of device.)

Green 3.4V

Great for novices and discreet use.

Blue 3.7V

Group setting and heavier hits.

Red 4.0V

Densest vapour and strongest experience.


Tip: The higher your voltage the quicker your battery will drain.

To use: Very easy vaporiser to use. Charging and screwing on a cartridge is as much as you need to do. As per almost all vapes x5 clicks will turn on your unit. Once on clicking 3 times will cycle you through all voltage options. Keep clicking till you reach your desired voltage setting. If a quick preheat is required (very thick oil or hasn’t been vaped for a while) click twice. Now the fun part, to vape simply hold up to your mouth, press the fire button and inhale. I recommend you turn off your Charm when not in use. Safer and conserves battery.

Tip: Never vape on an empty cartridge, will damage your atomiser and possibly your vape!

To clean: Not much to clean on this baby. In terms of cartridges, as they are disposable, I would only recommend cleaning the mouth piece regularly (alcohol wipe). Dispose of cartridges when the taste is no longer to your liking, they are only refillable to a point before they sadly die! As for the rest of the device, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth or alcohol wipes is all you should need.

Contains: x1 Charm Vaporiser, x1 Ceramic atomiser (cartridge), x1 USB Charger and x1 Lanyard.

Randy’s offers a one-year limited warranty on this device from date of purchase (a lot depends on your usage and cleaning regime).


  • Size: 60 x 31 x 16mm
  • Atomiser capacity: 0.5ml
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Standard 510 thread compatible
  • Micro-USB Charger
  • Ceramic Coil
  • Ultra-Compact
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