Chill Ceramic Lined Stainless Steel Beaker with Glass Bowl – Silver


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I would like to extend a big welcome to Chill, we are excited about adding their wares to our beaker line-up. Chill Store (not to be confused with Chill Glass) hails out of Colorado, USA, which I guess gives them some clout. Chill is all about crafting sleek metallic beakers with twists (yes, more than one!). Designed to surprise you, keep reading to see how.

TIP: Chill offers a lifetime guarantee but I’m pretty sure it will be limited and dependent on fault. Please reach out to them directly for a quick response. Retain proof of purchase to make your life easier.


I love the shape of this beaker, a super straight long neck with a beautifully curbed base. A silver stainless steel finish with a slightly brushed appearance. Chill have used food-grade Stainless Steel to make this beaker as indestructible as they were able. I still do not recommend throwing any beakers about, but you can feel more secure with this piece.

  • Patented Double Wall insulation – Just like a standard chillable water bottle this beaker has insulated construction (vacuum insulated). A shield is created that stops heat from entering, keeping the contents super-chilled for up to 12 hours! This is a very important feature for many of my customers who suffer from lung disorders. Drastically lowering the temperature allows for greater ease and comfort. You do not need to place the beaker into the freezer, simply adding very cold water is adequate.
  • Patented Ceramic interior – Even though this beaker is Stainless Steel your smoke only ever comes into contact with the ceramic lining. The entire chill Beaker is ceramic lined, all the way up to the mouthpiece. Ceramic provides as clean and pure hits as glass can. It is also very easy to clean.
  • Glass Flower Bowl – A 14mm standard size Borosilicate Glass flower bowl (male) is provided. Completely glass with a side arm for easy handling. Chill wanted to allow as much customisation as they could and the Chill Beaker is “open source”, meaning that they have designed it to be compatible with other major brands out in the market.
  • Down stem – Made entirely from unbreakable Aluminium and it breaks down into 4 individual pieces. What? Yes, they all thread together to create one long piece or you can remove a portion to make it smaller (or add portions if you own 2). Basically, you can make your own personalised stem with the added benefit of being able to get deep within each portion for cleaning! This is a diffusion down stem with 15 percolation holes for your smoke to diffuse through.
  • Threaded neck – 2 parts of this beaker are threaded, the down stem and the entire neck. Once unthreaded you are left with a wide/long neck tube and an accessible water chamber/base. I cannot stress the brilliance of this as there is really no excuse with keeping the Chill clean.

TIP: Have no fear, the threading is designed such that there is no leakage of water when in use

Measuring: 33cms tall


  • x1 Chill Ceramic Lined Stainless Steel Beaker (Silver)
  • x1 Borosilicate Glass 14mm (male) flower bowl
  • x1 14mm Aluminium down stem (threaded)


  • Height: 33cms
  • Stainless Steel Body (Food Grade)
  • Bong in a beaker design
  • Durable design
  • BPA and Lead-free
  • Patented Double Wall Vacuum Insulation
  • Pure unadulterated smoke
  • Up to 12 hours of chill
  • Easy to clean
  • Patented Ceramic interior
  • For use with dry herbal material
  • Threaded connection (neck) for internal access
  • Easy assembly
  • Unbreakable Aluminium down stem
  • Threaded down stem
  • Borosilicate Glass 14mm male Flower Bowl Provided

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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