Coloured Glass Carb Caps



Carb caps are an accessory associated with dabbing. Dabbing is the inhalation of herbal concentrates/waxes/thick oils. These are extracted in a myriad of methods from herbal plants. What is the point? To create a concentrated version (increased potency) of the dry herbal material resulting in an abundance of healing oils, organic compounds, active ingredients and the ever-beloved terpenes! For this (and many other) reason I always caution those new to dabbing to take exceptional care.


Many of my customers do not realise that when you dab you are actually vaping as opposed to combusting their herbal material. This all comes down to the way that you light the material. With dry herb you light the plant matter directly, combusting it. With dabbing you light the exterior of a glass banger/nail and heat transfer does the rest.

Carb caps are used in conjunction with a banger and come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. They play a simple but vital role of closing off the banger during inhalation to direct airflow. They also work hard to move your concentrate around across a heated surface for effective (and efficient) heating to occur.

These are the simplest carb caps that I currently stock. Basic but effective. They look a little like a tube wearing a bowler hat. Completely made from some pretty heavy-duty glass and there is no air intake hole (less cleaning!). The tube length and hat width both sit at around 2 cms. The tube extends also out from the top of the hat (another cm) for easy handling whilst swirling the cap around. Apologies for my description, this one wasn’t easy to put into words!


  • X1 Glass Carb Cap


  • 3cms tall in total
  • 100% thick durable glass
  • Simple design
  • Easy to clean

Clear, Purple

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