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This one is for all my fellow connoisseurs out there. A storage box that is worthy enough to hold your precious herbs in the fashion that they deserve. In my opinion I believe that if you revere your smoking ritual then you should have the tools to match, just as those who adore wine use specially designed carafes and glasses to enhance their experience.


CannaConscious seems to agree with me and work hard to create innovative storage solutions as well as accessories. They really only have one goal in mind – to elevate the experience of herbal connoisseurs, kind of the manifesto of my store too! I personally love to shatter stereotypes and believe it is time to stop being embarrassed and to embrace your love of magical herbs (without breaking any laws of course)!

TIP: This is a great gift for those who have a valid medicinal marijuana prescription, allowing you to safely store, separate and label your medications within a locked box.


Aesthetically, this box is beautiful with glossy black (mirror like) lacquer on the exterior. The entire box is crafted from wood and is lockable (x2 keys provided). The following features are also included:

  • The entire box has been designed to be as odour proof as it possibly can be, not completely though as it is only a box. The addition of storage jars further adds to the odour proof nature of this storage solution.
  • 3 wooden dividers are provided enabling you to create divisions within the case to help you keep products separate and organised. These dividers slide in an out easily, use them all or use none.
  • A wooden rolling tray (removable) sits snugly within the box. The tray has been crafted with raised edges and a placeholder for your grinder and/or storage jar.
  • 6 airtight Wet Erase Strain Jars (dark glass) are included allowing you to separate your herb via strain or however else you like to categorise things. You can label each jar over and over again (wet erase) with a pen/sharpie.
  • A refillable humidifier works to help keep your herb fresh and fluffy. The humidifier can be used at all times but is particularly beneficial if you are not storing your herb within the jars.


Instructions on how to use the humidifier are included within the box. As for the rest of the case, use it however you like!


Before use and every once in a while simply wipe down the interior with a damp cloth. I would use a dry microfibre cloth to polish the outside of the box.


x1 glossy black CannaCounscious case, x1 wooden rolling tray, x3 wooden dividers, x6 airtight (glass) wet erase storage jars, x2 keys and x1 humidifier (refillable/reusable)


  • Designed to control odour
  • Lockable box
  • Dividable via removable dividers
  • Raised edge wooden rolling tray
  • 6 airtight glass jars provided
  • Wet erase allowing you to label your products
  • Included humidifier
  • Dimensions: height – 10cms, Depth – 19cms, Width – 35cms
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