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Conversion Stone .375


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Health is kind of my thing and I approach most things with it in mind. That may seem weird as I sell products that people use in the process of smoking but my whole premise is harm minimisation and educating my customers in terms of all the various options at their disposal. A customer of mine, a dedicated pipe smoker, is constantly asking me for the healthiest option. I have tried to get her to vape but to no avail, so the research nerd inside me started the quest to help her.

The Conversion Stone really confused me at first and it took me a little while to completely work it out. They call it a stone, but it is actually made of high-quality glass. Glass that is built to last and thermal shock resistant. The stone is completely reusable due to the fact that it has been designed to be self-cleaning. All that is required to turn the stone back to to its original colour of white is to torch it with a high strength lighter.

So how does it work? The whole point of the Conversion Stone is to act as a filter, thereby reducing the amount of toxins (particles, impurities and tar related to smoke, butane and hookah charcoal) inhaled and creating a cleaner/purer experience. The flavour and taste of your smoked substance is also retained. Smoking will never be a “healthy” option for humans (sorry!) but at least you can help reduce the levels of inhaled contaminants over time.

  • The Conversion Stone is reusable – built to last and self cleaning
  • The Conversion Stone is a filter – healthier smoke/vapor, reduces toxins whilst retaining full flavour
  • The Conversion Stone is a converter – converts smoke/vaping devices into interchangeable uses
  • The Conversion Stone conserves – No waste, blocks particles, uses low heat, heat fast and saves on butane

TIP: This is the smallest size available (.375) and may not be appropriate if a larger sized stone is required. .375 is about this long ……. and is a perfect circle.

The Conversion Stone is said to replace the following products;

  • Nails
  • Carb Caps
  • Pipe Screens
  • Atomiser Wicks
  • Cigarette/Cigar Filters

To use: Before your first use you are required to rinse the conversion stone with water and allow to dry. There are so many different ways to use this product and I will leave it to you to read the detailed instructions that are provided with your stone but here is a brief recap;

  • Place within your rolling paper to act as a filter
  • Use to replace a pipe screen (ash catcher etc)
  • Use to convert any smoking device with a bowl into a dry vaporiser
  • Use to convert any smoking device with a bowl into a concentrates vaporiser
  • Use to create a vaporiser wick (RDA)
  • Use to protect a vaporiser coil
  • Use to replace your dabbing nail (with or without a dome)
  • Plus more

To clean: Self cleaning device, all you need to provide is the heat. Hold the stone with tongs or tweezers whilst you apply heat directly via a torch (or very strong lighter). Once the stone is a shade of white again you are clean.

Contains: x1 .375 Glass Very Useful Conversion Stone

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