Cuttwood – Unicorn Milk 16.5ml 0mg


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VG/PG: 70%/30%

Unicorn Milk has long been regarded as one of Cuttwood’s most beloved flavours. Get ready to taste rich, creamy milk and plenty of it. So incredibly realistic, just like the Strawberry Nesquick your mother used to make when you were a kid! This e-liquid has been described by a myriad of reviewers as being the best strawberry milkshake that money can buy. The strawberry is just sweet enough and the milk is just the right level of creamy.

To be honest this flavour of e-liquid has a controversial past. Past batches were formulated to look as well as taste like a strawberry milkshake – opaque, milky and pink. Cuttwood achieved this by using Titanium Dioxide in their blend which ultimately caused an uproar within the vape community. Whilst the FDA in the USA considers Titanium Dioxide generally safe for human consumption its exact effects when vaped were unknown. Cuttwood decided to reformulate Unicorn Milk, removing the Titanium Dioxide whilst retaining the original very loved flavour.

As per the current laws in this fine country of ours, all E-Liquids sold at We are Lux contain 0mgs of nicotine just the finest flavours we can source worldwide!

Flavour Notes – Strawberry and creamy milk – 4 types!




If you vape chances are that you have heard of Cuttwood. “Sauce Boss” is a term I came across when doing my research on this brand. Considered to be on the biggest e-liquid companies in the world with a cult following for some of their most well-known flavours. I was very intrigued by all the reviews that I came across and knew that I wanted Cuttwood as part of my stable of premium e-liquids. Oh, and the bottles are gorgeous and reminiscent of a fine Whiskey bottle.

Cuttwood craft their e-liquids in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Los Angeles using “only approved high quality ingredients and the best flavours on the world”. One thing that is indisputable is that Cuttwood is very well known for their creative blend of flavours. Extensive time is spent on research and development before they release any new flavours.

Due to the popularity of their e-liquids Cuttwood has added a few design features to their bottles to ensure authenticity. No plastic bottles are ever used, only glass dropper across all sizes (16.5, 30, 60 and 120ml), except for Manic Mint. Authentic Cuttwood e-liquids have labels printed only in English and have a new updated design (see their site for latest design). Any bottles with the old label design are either counterfeit or out of date and should be discarded. The side label has also been modified.

Authentic Cuttwood bottled e-liquid features a black tamper-evident plastic neck wrap that is imprinted with a repeating pattern of Cuttwood’s “C” logo and the words “AUTHENTIC CUTTWOOD”. Cuttwood-branded bottles that have a missing, torn or clear neck wrap may have been tampered with or may be counterfeit and should not be purchased.

And finally, Authentic Cuttwood bottled e-liquid should have a “BATCH” code and “USE BY” date that is laser-etched into the label. The USE BY date is depicted on Month/Year format (American format). Cuttwood e-liquid should be used by the end of the month indicated by the USE BY date (e.g. Cuttwood e-liquid that shows a 10/18 USE BY date should be used by October 31, 2018). The BATCH code and USE BY dates should feel rough to the touch as a result of Cuttwood’s laser-etching process. The BATCH code and USE BY dates are not printed with ink.

These e-liquids are high VG (65% Boss Reserve/70% Unicorn Milk + Manic Mint) so are more suited to experienced users with a sub-ohm tank set up as the higher viscosity of VG may cause issues with basic beginner style setups.

As per the current laws in this fine country of ours, all E-Liquids sold at We are Lux contain 0mgs of nicotine just the finest flavours we can source worldwide!