Cyclone Triple Flame Butane Torch


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The Cyclone Triple Flame Torch Lighter is made by Vertigo but my first introduction to these lighters was via the Dynavap M Herbal Vaporiser Kits. Dynavap includes these lighters in their kits as standard as they believe in providing an optimal experience when using their battery-free vaporisers. I couldn’t agree more and would use this lighter to light anything I desire, particularly when I am outdoors (legally of course).


To start let’s clarify that this is a torch and not a simple lighter. Confusing as torches are basically lighters just with a different type of flame. Instead of a yellow flame there is a blue one instead. The flame of a torch also has more force behind it for precise aiming and will be resistant to wind. So resistant that you can use this torch at 12,000 feet (3,657 metres) if you just happen to be on a very tall mountain for some reason!

Butane gas is required to fill this lighter, and the tank is clear (charcoal in colour) enabling you to see the gas within. The body is rounded and sits nicely in the hand with an ergonomically placed ignition button. Pop up the lid and you will see 3 barrels looking up at you. These barrels are nicely spaced, and each produces one flame, hence the triple flame. Turn the torch upside down and there is a dial to adjust the flame size.

TIP: The lid does not flip up automatically when igniting, you will need to lift the lid first.

Measuring: 7.5cms tall and 3 cms at its widest.


x1 Cyclone Triple Flame Refillable Torch


  • Butane Gas Refillable
  • Clear fuel tank
  • Flame Adjuster
  • Wind resistant
  • Triple Blue Flame
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