Cyclones Hemp Xtra Slo Cone w/ Dank 7 Wooden Tip – Wonderberry Flavour


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Cyclones have been making pre-rolled cones since 2004 with a large array of different materials and flavours used. They really like to offer something a little different to the norm.  I currently sell their clear (cellulose) cones and now I have added a flavoured hemp cone to the mix. Cyclones cones come pre packaged in a solid reusable tube. They have used toasted hemp for its smooth taste along with a dank 7 tip (see below) for insane flavour.


1 single cone is located within the tube. This cone is 100% made from hemp. Hemp that has been toasted first. Smooth and flavoursome is how many describe toasted hemp. Hemp is also known for its slow and even burn. The flavour doesn’t end there, as this cone is Wonderberry flavoured. I sell a vast amount of flavoured rolling papers and not all are flavoured in the same way. Some brands dip the paper whilst others include flavoured filter tips. This particular cone is flavoured via a Dank 7 Tip, a very unique style of flavoured tip.


A Dank 7 filter tip is used within these cones. What is a Dank 7 Tip you ask? Good question. A wooden (bamboo) tip that has been dipped in flavour (wonderberry in this case). Not just dipped though, the tip is left in the solution for 7 days (hence the name) to soak up every last bit of flavour. A little nuts, but cool huh?

TIP: Another little bonus, you can reuse the tip so make sure you don’t throw it out after you are done.


  • x1 Cyclones Pure Toasted Hemp pre-rolled cone
  • x1 Dank 7 Wooden resuable Tip (in place)


  • 100% Organic Toasted Hemp
  • Sweet and Delicious
  • Slow burning
  • Dank 7 reusable wooden tip
  • Wonderberry flavour
  • Reusable tube
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