Cyclones Klear Pre-Rolled Transparent Cones 2 Pack


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Clear rolling papers have been my focus recently as I have been researching their claims of a superior rolling paper, particularly in regard to health. Many claims are thrown left and right so I took that as a challenge and started my education. This is the second brand of transparent papers that I currently stock (also Trip2 rolling papers) and I chose these for 2 reasons. Number one these are large pre-rolled cones, a great choice for those unable/unwilling to roll for themselves. Lastly, I wanted a brand that used the best possible (purest) ingredient that are available (controversy below).

Cyclones have been making pre-rolled cones since 2004 with a large array of different materials and flavours used. The clear range is their foray into the world of transparent rolling. Cyclones makes it very clear that their clear cones are made with cellulose derived from cotton. These are the unflavoured version.

Clear rolling papers are 100% biodegradable, are adhesive free, slow burning, wont crease, hard to tear and have no taste.


Clear rolling papers are generally made up of water, glycerin and a plant-derived form of cellulose. This cellulose is also called cellophane but before you freak out it is not the same form of cellophane that people use to wrap things (a form of plastic). The cellulose used within clear rolling papers is naturally derived from sources such as cotton, flax, rice, hemp or wood pulp. Chemicals are used in transforming natural cellulose into a form where rolling papers can be made, whether or not these are completely removed at final process is down to the standards of each brand.

The controversy began when certain brands started to push the narrative that their papers were the healthiest of all options as they were only made from pure natural cellulose. Unfortunately, they forgot to mention the vegetable glycerine that the papers get dipped in to create a shiny and slow burning product. The effects of lighting (combustion) glycerine are where the superior health claims became dubious for some. At certain high temperatures glycerine combustion will release 2 carcinogens – acrolein and aldehyde. Now that I have scared you let me make it a little worse. If you are frightened of carcinogens, then please stop smoking your herbal material (try vaping!) as you release way more of them just from combusting the herbal material alone. Smoking will never be healthy!


Cyclones like to describe their clear cones in quite an interesting way and state that they are not a rolling paper or even really a cone. They like to compare the experience of these cones as being more akin to smoking a glass pipe rather than a standard cone. I will be honest and admit as I do not smoke anymore (just vape now) that I cannot attest to this fact. I can say that those who love these cones (or other clear papers) find it very hard to go back to what they term “standard papers”.

Asiatic Cotton Mallow is the source of cellulose used and they are part of a growing group of clear paper brands that are using 100% tree-free cellulose (no wood pulp). Cellulose made from cotton is said to be on the “healthier” side than conventional wood pulp (but let’s be realistic, you are still smoking!) Incredibly thin and clear with a smooth and clean burn allowing you to fully taste your herbal material.

2 cones are provided in a hard transparent (reusable) tube. A paper filter (Cyclones logo on it) sits in place inside each cone. A packing tool is also given enabling you to easily fill the cone. Easy to use and super cool visually these papers will burn slowly whilst providing a visual spectacle!


  • X2 Cyclones Clear pre-rolled Cones
  • X1 Packing tool
  • X1 Hard storage tube (reusable)


  • Large Cones
  • Made from Asiatic Cotton Mallow
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Transparent Papers
  • Thin and Clear
  • Slow burning
  • Gum Free
  • 100% Natural
  • Tree Tree
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