DaVinci IQ Flavour Chamber


Replacement flavour chamber for Davinci IQ

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The DaVinci IQ is my favourite dry herb vaporiser hands down. I have 2 that I proudly display at home. Beautifully built as well as amazing at its job, this vaporiser is hard to beat. 


The Davinci IQ flavour chamber is a vital component of the Davinci vaporiser and should not be used without it.  Made from the same high-grade Zirconia Ceramic as the entire airpath of this highly rated and loved vaporiser unit. This removable chamber is the pathway through which the vapour travels from the heating chamber up to your lips, allowing it to cool and smooth out. The chamber can be left empty but here’s the surprise, it can also function as an airpath infuser by placing dry herb inside, thus infusing the passing vapour and enhancing potency. The flavour chamber only partially heats up any material you place inside enough to express flavour without cooking. The possibilities are endless as you can add a different dry herb into the flavour chamber than the one you have in the heating chamber to create your own unique taste! 


Remove the old flavour chamber from your Davinci IQ by using the small metal tool located to the side of the chamber. Insert tool into the centre slot of the flavour chamber and gently slide out. Unbox your new replacement chamber. Using the same tool remove the lid of the new flavour chamber. You can now add your favourite loose-leaf material (not finely ground) for storage and added flavour while you vape. Reinsert chamber back into your vaporiser (make sure you replace the metal tool back into position, so it won’t be lost).  

Over time your Davinci IQ Flavour chamber will accumulate resin and other gunk and it is very important that you clean it. Cleaning is as simple as removing the flavour chamber (make sure you clear out any loose herb inside) then just pop it into a container filled with Isopropyl Alcohol. Allow to soak then use a cleaning brush to remove any leftover residue inside and out. Rinse in warm water then set aside on a clean surface to dry.  Reassemble and reinsert. 

Having more than one chamber means you can swap them out between cleaning, saving you time and effort! 


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