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DaVinci IQ Pearl Replacement


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The Davinci Pearl is a crucial part of your Davinci IQ Vaporiser. Made from the same high-grade Zirconia Ceramic as the entire airpath of this highly rated and loved vaporiser unit. The Zirconia is inert so it is heat resistant and also won’t alter the flavour of your herb.

The pearl attaches to the lid on the underside of the device and when in place sits over the heating chamber helping to reduce the oven size offering a tighter pack, as well as radiating heat directly. This allows for an even spread of heat, even when the chamber is not completely full.


Either gently unscrew existing pearl from your Davinci IQ off its rubber post or if you have simply lost your original pearl then just screw your new pearl directly onto the rubber post. Before reattaching you should take the opportunity to clean around and under the pearl housing. Isopropyl Alcohol works well to dissolve any left-over resin build-up leaving your unit looking like new.

This is an authentic Davinci part – be careful of replicas!


  • 1 x DaVinci IQ Pearl
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