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Davinci IQ2 Dual Use Herbal Vaporiser



The Davinci IQ was one of the first (dry) herbal vaporisers that I stocked in my store as well as being the first portable vaporiser that I purchased for myself. I now have the luxury of choosing between many different brands, and whilst I try them all I seem to always keep my Davinci IQ in the rotation (along with my beloved Volcano!). I have not gifted myself the IQ2 as of yet, but don’t worry I will!

I don’t usually have to explain the Davinci IQ/IQ2 to most of my customers as they are considered to be in the upper echelons of herbal vaping, with a stellar world-wide reputation. A true connoisseur brand for those that want an optimal experience. In a nutshell Davinci vaporisers are all about purity of flavour, innovation and an easy to control experience. Oh, and they are amazingly beautifully and sleek machines as well!


The Davinci IQ2 looks quite similar to the original with a new more luxurious and smooth finish. Brushed aluminium is now used for the outer shell. Davinci has really created an incredibly beautiful vaporiser. This is a portable device that can be used wherever you choose (as laws allow of course). A super special feature is the ability to remove and replace the rechargeable 18650 battery. You can still recharge directly via the device (and whilst vaping).  A further super amazing new feature is the Dosage Tracker and Calculator, a good way to track your usage (more below). The Davinci IQ2 is a very safe vaporiser with multiple safety features built in, a big plus in my eyes.

TIP: This unit automatically shuts down after 10 minutes.

A point of difference with the Davinci IQ2 herbal vaporiser is the fairly long vapour pathway. This entire pathway is isolated and only medical grade materials are used. The ceramic (glass lined) oven is located at the base leading up to the flavour chamber which in turn leads up to mouthpiece. Please keep in mind that you will need to access all these areas when you are cleaning your vape and isn’t it lucky that Davinci allows for easy access to all.

Conduction is the heating style used and unlike other conduction devices, the IQ2 boasts a 360° heating chamber due to the Zirconia pearl located within the bottom lid. You have options when selecting temperature. You can select a temperature directly via the device using the LED Grid or use the App to access Smart Paths. 51 LED dots on the front add to the impressive design of this unit and lets you know what temperature you are at when changing manually (not in Smart Path mode). The Haptic feedback feature is basically the unit vibrating when it turns on, is ready to use or when it shuts off allowing you to use your IQ2 safely in the dark.

This is a dual use herbal vaporiser allowing you to vape either dry herb or concentrates, a ceramic extract disc is included for use with concentrates. 2 mouthpieces are provided when you purchase an IQ2, a flat mouthpiece is pre-installed with an extended (straw-like) mouthpiece provided in the pack. Try them both, one will elongate the vapour path for a cooler vape whilst the other will offer an added layer of discretion.

Measuring: 4.5 x 9.2 x 2.5 cm


he IQ2 has a rather long vapour pathway, which is quite a desirable feature in an herbal vaporiser. The longer the path the smoother and cooler the experience will be. The entire vapour pathway is isolated (airtight), and your vapour will only pass through incredibly pure glass and zirconia (medical grade materials). Zirconia (a form of high strength ceramic) provides the same pure flavour as glass but is 20x stronger! Not only is the entire pathway (oven and pearl included) Zirconia but so is the mouthpiece allowing you to draw the purest vapour you will ever taste in a vaporiser. The vapour pathway is completely removeable for easy cleaning.

The heating chamber is access via the base. The oven within the IQ2 is ceramic that has been lined with glass. Ceramic is well known for its ability to heat evenly, couple that with the purity of glass and you can understand why the Davinci IQ2 is well regarded for its superior levels of flavour. This unit heats via 360° conduction with the walls of the chamber transferring heat throughout your herbal material.

Flip open the bottom lid and you will notice the Zirconia “pearl” and yes, it literally looks like a pearl (a dark one). Zirconia is a mineral that is able to withstand high levels of heat. The role of the pearl is simple, it works to reflect heat back into the centre of the chamber effectively extracting more of the active ingredient, hence 360° heating! The pearl can also be adjusted to reduce the size of the oven (turn it counterclockwise).

TIP: The pearl is removable for ease of cleaning. Just don’t lose it and be careful removing it from its post!

The Removable flavour chamber sits smack bang between the oven and mouthpiece. This ceramic insert is the pathway through which the vapour flows from the heating chamber to your lips allowing it to cool and smooth out. This is a removeable chamber that is normally left empty but can also be used as an airpath infuser by placing dry herb (lavender, mint etc) inside (not finely ground material – must be chunks). The flavour chamber will only partially heat up – enough to express flavour without cooking the contents within. Pops in or out for easy cleaning.


Precision Temperature Control, Smart Path option and Boost mode are excellent features that Davinci offers (IQ and MIQRO), allowing you to choose between 3 distinct control options with just the click of a button. Davinci also provides a Stealth mode. Try them all, the choice is yours!

  • Precision Temperature Control is all about setting a desired temperature for the material being vaped. This temperature will stay constant during your session.
  • Whilst Smart Path Mode features 4 Smart Heating Paths that each offer a range of unique vaping experiences by increasing the temperature incrementally during your session.
  • On demand Boost mode will allow you to either get a super-fast heat up or fast cooling as needed.
  • Stealth mode is for those times when you don’t particularly want to be noticed and discretion is key. By choosing this mode the LED lights will be dimmed and the battery will be preserved.


Turn the IQ2 upside down and you will see the air dial, a large ring that rotates enabling you to adjust incoming airflow (and thereby exhalations too). A great feature for those of you that want an easier draws and vapour that is up to 50% cooler. Reduce your draw resistance and experience bigger and denser vapour (plus more flavor). Simply twist the dial and the more holes revealed the more air taken in.


Sometimes you just want to know more about your consumption habits. Maybe you want to stick to a recommended dosage or just marvel at your levels of tolerance. You are able to adjust your dosage whenever you choose via the accompanying App. The Dosage Calculator works to determine how many hits have been taken as well as how many active compounds have been consumed. Of course, this will only work if you know in-depth information regarding the strain/herb that you have (not so easy in Australia. Yet!).


  • x1 Davinci IQ2
  • x1 0.2g Dosage Pod
  • x1 Ceramic Extract Tab
  • x1 USB Charging Cable
  • x1 10mm Water tool adapter extended mouthpiece
  • x1 Pick tool
  • x9 Pieces of Organic Cotton
  • x9 Alcohol Wipes
  • x1 18650 Battery (installed)
  • x1 Zirconia Pearl Spacer
  • x1 User’s manual


  • Brush Aluminium Shell
  • 10 year warranty
  • Dual Use (Dry herb and concentrates)
  • Dosage Calculator
  • Downloadable app
  • Zirconia Airflow System
  • Ceramic Pathway
  • Adjustable airflow (5 levels)
  • Conduction heating – 360 °oven
  • 5g oven capacity (dry)
  • 2g extracts pod capacity
  • Removeable 18350 battery
  • Bypass vaping
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Smart Path Mode
  • Boost Mode
  • Stealth Mode
  • Haptic feedback (vibration alert)
  • LED Grid Light Display
  • X2 mouthpiece options (flat or straw-like)

Graphite, Onyx

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