DaVinci Vaporiser (Classic) Oil Cans


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There are a number of herbal (dry) vaporisers that market themselves on the fact that they are “dual/multi use”. This refers to the fact that you are usually provided with extra accessories that enable you to use the device on more than one form of herbal material (usually concentrates/thick herbal).

Vaping concentrates is a fairly messy process and can be damaging to a vaporiser if not done correctly. You do NOT want your thick oil to enter into the holes at the base of the oven as this is where the electrics are housed, hence the need for a specific accessory to enable safe vaping.  Some vaporisers will provide you a concentrates pad (usually stainless steel) whilst other use an insertable pod/can. Either way both can be placed within the heating chamber.


Firstly I need to let you know that these can are not designed for all Davinci Vaporisers and will work in the original (classic) model, so if you have an IQ, IQ2, MIQRO or the Ascent then you are out luck with these cans!

2 cans are provided, and both have a different purpose. One is actually for your dry herbal material (empty can). You may be wondering why? Ease of cleaning is generally the reason as you load directly into the can leaving you with just a can to clean as opposed to an oven attached to electronic components.

The second can is for your thick/oils and concentrates. Within you will see a high temperature swab that works to absorb your thick oils/concentrates. Simply place a small amount of your material within, place into the heating chamber and then select the highest temperature for heating.

These are authentic Davinci parts – be careful of replicas!


X2 DaVinci Classic Vaporiser Oil Cans

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