Dewbie Canadian-Made Humidity Stone


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The Dewbie is a pretty unique product with one distinct (and pretty important!) function. It is technically a handmade, all-natural humidity stone (made of clay) that works to rehydrate stale herbal material. Stupendously easy to use and clean, you will wonder why it took you so long to get one!


Remember that time you found some herb that you had forgotten about? Generally, a happy occasion that can be tinged with a little sadness when you realise how stale and overly dehydrated it had become. In the past I would have used a Boveda pack to rehydrate (still a good option), but now I have the Dewbie.

TIP: You can also use the Dewbie to dry your herbal material (such a nifty little device!). Your Dewbie will need to be completely dry to achieve this.  It is important that you ensure that the stone is beyond dry. I’m talking putting in in the oven if you are unsure (not too hot for approximately an hour)

Handmade in Canada, this innovative “stone” is completely natural, environmentally friendly, works fast and is infinitely reusable. All that is required of you is to provide water and to soak the stone before use.


  • Soak the Dewbie is a bowl of water for approximately 30-60 seconds. If low levels of rehydration (or to maintain humidity levels once hydrated) are required you can simply add a few drops (3-5) of water directly onto the stone.
  • Dab the Dewbie dry.
  • Place the Dewbie alongside your herbal material within a sealed container (air-tight best) with your buds touching the stone. Works best when done at room temperature. Approximately 10-20 minutes is needed per gram with 2 hours minimum (can be up to 8 hours!) needed for an ounce.
  • Remove the Dewbie when the desired level of humidity is reached but can safely be left indefinitely is being used to maintain moisture levels (when stone has not been soaked directly in water). A well soaked Dewbie left too long within your herb can overhydrate the material requiring you to now dry it and the cycle continues!

TIP: I found an interesting tip whilst doing my research, there are some users who drip a few drops of essential oil directly onto the Dewbie prior to rehydration. An interesting concept but will unfortunately shorten the life span of your Dewbie requiring replacement over time. May be worth it though!


x1 Dewbie Canadian-made Humidity Stone and x1 Hemp carry bag.

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