Dissim Inverted Refillable Lighter


Welcome to my store Dissim, I am happy you are here! A brand that makes lighters, not a myriad of lighters styles but just one innovative design that caught my eye. 2 years of design and engineering along with the $330,000 raised from their Kickstarter campaign has culminated in a game changing (patent pending) design. Built to last with a lifetime warranty (from Dissim direct) on offer. They promise to replace it if they cannot repair it.

I am constantly on the lookout for new lighters, either for myself to facilitate my candle obsession or to stock within my herbal vape store. My obsession with candles forces me to look for lighters that perform in unique ways as I am sick of burning my fingers when holding them upside down within a deep glass jar. At the same time I have customers searching for the easiest solution to lighting their flower bowls/cones in the downwards position, hence this lighter!


This inverted lighter can be used safely in any position due to its angled flame port, upside down, sideways and any angle you choose. I use the word safely not just for this reason but also because the flame is low temperature as well as being adjustable. These lighters are refillable and use Butane as their fuel source (ships empty). There is a fuel window enabling you to see how much Butane remains.

This is not the smallest lighter I sell (it is on the slim side though) and it pretty much fits entirely within the palm of my hand (I have smallish hands). It is hard to describe the exact shape so I can only recommend looking at the photo to get an idea! The quality of materials used are top grade with cast metal components used.

The patent pending circle grip is the standout feature for me allowing you to effortlessly grip the lighter when in use, inverted or not. It also adds to the unique styling of this lighter. Just like the rest of this seriously cool lighter the trigger ignition is high quality and as long as the lighter is gassed up should provide a satisfying experience.

Measuring: 9cms tall and 4.5cms wide and 1.5cms deep.


  • X1 Dissim Inverted Lighter (unfilled)


  • Low temperature candle flame
  • Patent-pending ergonomic circle grip
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Butane refillable lighter with a fuel window
  • Adjustable flame
  • Angled flame port
  • High-quality trigger ignition
  • Lighters ship without fuel

Black, Blue, Copper, Green, Orange, Red

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