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Excited about this new arrival is an understatement, I almost ripped the box out of the courier’s hands. The back story of Squid Industries grabbed my attention almost as much as the gorgeous, one of a kind regulator mod, designed to resemble the double barrel of a shotgun. This innovative mod is designed to be as small as it can get – 3.5” tall and the width of x2 18650 batteries. Sleek is a good word to use to describe this unit, reinforced by stainless steel for durability. So easy to hold and feels solid in the hand. From the moment you touch it you will know that this is a quality, one of a kind no frills mod designed to last for years.

Squid Industries was formed by a United States Navy Veteran. He unfortunately struggled after his return and battled substance abuse and homelessness. By giving of himself to help other struggling veterans he was able to change his life along with the lives of countless others. It was at about this time that his second love emerged – vaping, and he started hand crafting his own beautiful mod boxes. The Double Barrel 2.1 is one such beauty. Oh, and Squid Industries donates a portion of all profits to non-profit Charites. Nice!

The Double Barrel 2.1 the new version of this innovative mod box, complete with new updates. All the simple and powerful features of the original with many exciting updates. One of these updates is the addition of an OLED Display (0.47”) that lets you know the wattage levels, resistance level of coils and battery life. The Double Barrel 2.1 works between a wattage range of 5 – 150w, that’s more than enough wattage that you should ever need!

This is a variable wattage device, meaning that you will find no features in regard to temperature control or custom curves of any sort. Straight, simple variable wattage in 1-watt increments. Simple efficiency and superior vaping is the goal.

Let’s break down the Double Barrel 2.1 into its individual parts. As previously mentioned this mod resembles the double barrels of a shotgun. Each of these individual barrels houses a single 18650 battery (not included). The batteries are inserted via the underside of the barrels. As a no-frills mod, all superfluous features have been left out, therefore an external battery charger is required with this unit as no USB charging port is provided. There is a slight gap between both barrels allowing you to see the batteries and to provide ventilation.

Caution: The correct orientation of each battery is indicated upon the battery door and not inside the mod. Take care to not lose the door when opening and closing to recharge.

The bright OLED display is located on the top of one of the barrels. Not the largest screen on planet earth but enough to show you everything you need (battery level, watts, ohms and voltage). Alongside the screen is the 510 connection for your tank. Spring loaded but quite stiff in nature. Delrin Spacers are provided in this kit for the bottom of any tanks that may have a longer connection, eliminating any gaps or spaces for a seamless look. You can fit a 24mm atomiser perfectly without any overhang, any larger and it may look mismatched. Any smaller than 24mm and it may look comical. But ultimately the choice is yours.

** The Peacemaker Tank by Squid Industries is my recommended atomiser for this mod.

Located on the side of the barrel, right near the screen is the unique multi-function fire knob that resembles a round dial (with the number 12 inscribed – 12-gauge shotgun maybe??). You either spin or click this dial to either fire or access a variety of settings.

  • 5 clicks of the dial will turn the mod on or off
  • 4 clicks to lock the device (can still fire)
  • 3 clicks to change orientation of the screen

Safety, safety and more safety. The advanced chip set of the Double Barrel 2.1 will provide various protections including;

  • Reverse battery polarity protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Short Circuit protection

To use: First step is to insert x2 fully charged 18650 batteries. Screw on an appropriate atomiser, ensuring that your coil is primed (if new) and tank is filled with your favourite e liquid. 5 clicks to turn on your mod. The display will light up (if not atomiser installed it will ask you to check atomiser). Press the fire button once to access variable wattage. Turning the knob will increase (R)/decrease (L) the wattage by 1-watt increments. Once you have reached your desired number, 4 clicks to lock the device. Click the dial to fire. It’s as simple as that.

Contains: x1 Double Barrel V2.1- 150W Box Mod, 1x Atomizer Spacer and User Manual

***Don’t forget to purchase x2 18650 batteries, an external charger and an atomiser!

Double Barrel V2.1 Features:

  • New Top OLED Display
  • Variable Wattage: 5-150W
  • Multi-Function Fire Switch! (Adjusts Wattage, Locks Wattage, Power Switch, Flips Screen.
  • Reverse Battery Polarity Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Wattage Display
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • 2x High Amp 18650 Battery Slots (Batteries Not Included)