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Dr Dabber Aurora x AHOL Collaboration Dab Pen Limited Edition


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Dr Dabber is not a brand that I need to educate my customers on generally with a highly regarded reputation worldwide. Herbal vaping (concentrates to be precise) has been their forte since 2013 with the express mission of creating exceptional vaporisers. Convenience, reliability, minimising health risks and a good-looking device are all goals of Dr Dabber all without compromising on potency and flavour. It seems that the myriad of awards received by Dr Dabber would denote that they have been successful in their endeavours!


The Dr Dabber Aurora Vaporiser Pen is one such award-winning device, winning best-in-class awards countless times. Meaning that it stood its own, time and time again against other up and coming concentrates pens on the market. The Dr Dabber X AHOL Aurora is a Limited-Edition Version of the standard Aurora Pen with a twist. So who (or what) is AHOL? A pseudonym (AHOL Sniffs Glue in entirety) for a multi-talented graffiti artist named David Anasagasti, a man well known (and admired) in Miami for his murals of repeating eyeballs. The crew over at Dr Dabber were fans it appears and now we have the Limited-Edition collaboration AHOL Sniffs Glue Concentrates Vape Pen. Oh, and it all comes packaged in a reusable spray paint bottle (opens at the base)!

TIP: One year “no questions asked” warranty from Dr Dabber on battery and USB charger. Atomiser warranty is voided once used so please test prior to loading wax.

Dabbing can be quite tricky to get a hold of at first, but this dab pen is incredibly easy to master with a one button design to control it all. The button is pretty fancy too, with a raised letter D located on the front. This is your on/off, fire as well as the temperature selection button. An LED light sits behind the button to indicate your settings.  


The Aurora is super quick to charge (2 hours) and should provide you with 250-300 hits until a recharge is required. The AHOL is a variable voltage pen with 3 carefully calibrated heating options to choose from and has been designed to heat your concentrates at below average temperature resulting in a smoother hit with increased flavour.

  • Green = low heat (230°C)
  • Blue = medium heat (287°C)
  • Pink = high heat (343°C)

There are technically 4 removable parts to this pen and all (except mouthpiece) are linked magnetically.

  • Contoured Ceramic mouthpiece
  • Airflow regulator
  • Atomiser
  • Lithium-ion battery

Yes, you read right no more threading!! Dr Dabber has used Snaptech Magnetics to ensure everything stays in place. All pieces snap nicely back with a solid click. And what does no threading equate to? Easier cleaning of course!

TIP: Even the charger connects magnetically to the Aurora!


3 atomisers are provided within this kit all slightly different to the others (each does have a quartz dish though). By providing 3 options of atomiser coupled with 3 heat settings Dr Dabber has crafted a vaporiser that is quite customisable to your exact preference. Whichever you choose, each atomiser is designed to deliver pure vapour and enhanced flavour. Airflow is quite important when dabbing and it has not been overlooked in this slim-line pen with a vented heating chamber located within the atomiser portion (side airflow holes) as well as a vented regulator shell beneath the mouthpiece.

How do I know which atomiser to choose and when?

Aurora Atomiser – Ceramic Halo with Quartz Dish Low vapour, best for discretion. Works best on high heat setting and oils that are on the waxier thicker side.
Dual Ceramic Heating Rods with Quartz Dish Great for large clouds and a solid throat hit. Works best on product that is not very runny/oil like in consistency.
Dual Quartz Heating Rods with Quartz Dish Great for producing clean flavour. Works best on product that is not too runny in consistency.

TIP: Why all the hype over Quartz? Quartz is considered to be a neutral material meaning that your herbal material will not be adulterated or affected in any way. Resulting in a pure, clean and somewhat healthier vapour/flavour (healthier as compared to other inert materials used in certain lower quality vaporisers).


Pull off the top portion (mouthpiece and airflow shaft together – says the word Dr Dabber) You now have a decision to make, which atomiser do you use? Once you have the correct atomiser in place (remember the magnets?) you can begin to load.

  • Using the included loading tool place a small amount of material (grain of rice size recommended and DO NOT overload) and very carefully apply it directly onto the coil. Please be careful and not have your loading tool come into direct contact with the coil. Reconnect to vape pen (magnets!!).
  • As with almost all vapes x5 clicks will turn your unit on and off. Once on you can select a temperature by clicking 3 times till the desired colour is shown.
  • Press and hold button whilst inhaling. There is a 10 second auto-shut off for safety.


A fairly easy device to use especially as it is unthreaded and comes apart in a cinch. I would wipe all various components down with a cloth lightly doused in Isopropyl Alcohol (very high quality 90%+), paying particular attention to the mouthpiece. As for the atomisers themselves you can do a dry burn to remove any built-up gunk but that’s about all the cleaning that you can do with a coil. Dr Dabber recommends replacing your atomisers every 4-12 weeks depending on usage.


x1 Blue Dr Dabber Aurora AHOL Device, x3 atomisers (Ceramic Halo with Quartz dish, Dual Ceramic Heating Rods with QuartZ Dish and Dual Quartz Heating Rods with Quartz Dish), x1 AHOL Black silicone container , x1 loading tool, x1 dab mat, x1 hat pin, x1 Magnetic Charger, x1 Shotgun Mouthpiece, x1 Graffiti spray stash can and x1 Instruction Manual


  • For Concentrates/wax herbal vaping
  • Dimensions 13cms tall and just over 1cms in diameter
  • Lithium-ion battery – 2-hour recharge
  • 250 – 300 hits per charge
  • 3 atomisers provided
  • 3 variable heat settings
  • Snaptech Magnetics
  • Contoured Ceramic clog-free mouthpiece
  • Side airflow system
  • Airflow regulator shaft
  • Metal casing
  • Simple one button use
  • 1-year Limited Warranty
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