DynaVap 2020 “M” Starter Pack with DynaCoil – Cedar Dynastash


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**A powerless/manual dry herb vaporiser kit.

The team at DynaVap is made up of engineers, technologist and herbal enthusiasts and they proudly craft all their products in-house in the United States of America. They have one goal and that is to deliver what they feel are the best battery-free vaporising options available.

The first thing you will notice about any of the products that DynaVap produces is the exquisite craftsmanship and quality design. Extremely strong and durable pieces that can literally go with you anywhere. Simple to use, take apart as well as maintain. Clear your mind of all expectations, this is nothing like the dry herb vaping you may already be used to.


I won’t going into my usual long write ups regarding the new and improved features of the DynaVap 2020 “M” as this may become the longest listing of all time! I have broken down all the new upgrades from the 2019 model in my listing for the standalone 2020 “M” if you would like a read. Let’s just say that this highly innovative vaporiser just keeps getting better and better with each new iteration with the following new changes…….

  • Faceted tip with airflow serrations and adjust-a-bowl feature
  • Chiral airports for calibrated air injection – allowing you to easily control the airflow
  • 10mm tapered mouthpiece – mates with most 10mm female glass fittings
  • Enhanced tactile grip – making it easy to hold
  • Improved condenser alignment
  • New captive cap functional geometry
  • 100% recyclable packaging (No more plastic tubes)


This kit contains the DynaCoil, an accessory designed for use with many full melt concentrates, as well as thick oils and liquids.The DynaCoil has a shark tooth pattern that is designed to capture and retain concentrates enabling you to vape them. The coil is constructed from one single piece of medical grade titanium which has holes and other features that keep your concentrates in place where they belong. One major benefit of using this coil is that unlike other units that incorporate “coils” to vaporise concentrates you will not end up with that blackened gunk that is hard to clean off and affects flavour. The DynaCoil easily slips in and out of the heating chamber.


Because DynaVap has provided all that you will need in one handy kit to start your vaping adventures as soon as you receive it. Technically I am not 100% correct as you will have to provide the herb (or concentrate) to be vaped as well as Butane Gas to fill the torch lighter, so maybe you can’t vape the minute that you get home.

The DynaStash is a wooden box, but not just any old wooden box. Measuring in at 11cms x 2.5cms x 5cms the DynaStash is easily transportable. You can twist open one end to reveal 3 holes (various sizes). Use one to hold your Dynavap vaporiser, another to hold your herb and the third for a tool. My favourite bit is the integrated magnet on the outside of the wooden box which allows you to store your vape upright. More importantly the magnet allows you to remove a hot cap without actually touching it.

The kit also contains a wind resistant Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter, a very handy addition. For an optimal experience DynaVap recommends multi-flame torches (blue flame). A standard lighter will only annoy you and may take an extended period of time to reach optimal vaping temperature. This lighter has a clear tank allowing you to see how much gas is available. A dial on the base allows you to adjust the height of the flame.

TIP: Please, please, please never clean the outside of your lighter with any alcohol.

The rest of the kit contains spare parts as well as some cleaning paraphernalia.


It may take you a few practice runs (can be done without herb placed inside) to get the hang of but you will quickly become a master. Correct usage is all about the following 3 points:

  • How to heat
  • When to stop heating
  • When it is safe to reheat

Mastering the steps above will ensure you thoroughly enjoy your experience and won’t burn/combust your herb. Details below.

Remove the top cap to pack your herb. Pack however you like but a loose full pack is recommended. You may grind the herb (not too fine as may enter into unit itself via screen), roughly shred it or even place a whole nugget within. Replace the cap.

Hold the Dynavap in one hand (cap side up) and your Butane torch in the other. Slowly rotate your Dynavap whilst lighting the cap to ensure even heating. I would recommend holding the flame far enough away, so it is almost touching the cap.

TIP: You can control the temperature either by lighting closer to the top of the cap or closer to the cap’s base. Lower temperatures can be reached via heating of the top of the cap and higher temperature via heating the base of the cap. Don’t light the very end as you would a cigarette though, only the sides.

This is the crucial point, you will need to continue lighting till you hear an audible “click”, and yes you will hear it so be patient and wait! An internal thermostat detects the rising temperature and clicks when ready for use. I cannot stress how important this step is, inadequate heating will result in either no vapour or even worse – burnt herb!

TIP: Do not heat after hearing the click, place the lighter down. Always respect the click!! And now to confuse you – for a heavier hit it is permissible to heat for a second or 2 (maximum) post-click. Please only attempt this after you have mastered this device to avoid burning!

Don’t touch the cap. You may now inhale via the mouthpiece on the opposite end. Pretty obvious but please make sure you don’t place the hot cap side into your mouth, I can only imagine the pain. Vapour will be pretty light to start with and will build up over time. Slow and deep breaths.

TIP: Remember the Chiral airports, cover the ports to start to initiate vapour flow. Release and the cover again till you get a good flow. Experiment with what works best for you.

Keep inhaling/pass it around until you once again hear the audible click, this time letting you know that you are now BELOW optimal temperature. You can safely reheat with your lighter once you hear the second click – but NOT before. If you start heating before the click you will effectively be burning your herb and wasting it. Severely burning your DynaVap may damage it too. If you don’t hear the click, simply wait a minute or so for cooling down to occur before reheating.

TIP: If you have burnt your herb and want to get rid of the horrible taste, your only option will be to thoroughly clean the unit and start again.

You will need to allow the cap to cool down before touching to repack your device. You can use the elongated portion of the cap to sweep out the old and then pack again with the new. Remember that you can use your DynaStash for cap removal or to stand the vape upright.


  • The “M” (2020 model)
  • DynaStash: Cedar
  • Dynacoil
  • Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter
  • Cotton Pipe Cleaners- hard bristle (5 pack)
  • DynaWax
  • 3 High Temp O-rings
  • 2 Condenser O-rings
  • 1 Replacement Stainless Steel CCD

SPECS (2020 “M”)

  • New sleek body
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Made and designed in the USA
  • No batteries and no charging
  • New tapered 10mm mouthpiece
  • New body groove for ease of assembly
  • New Captive Cap
  • New Chiral airports for swirling/cooling vapour
  • New adjust-a-bowl to adjust bowl size
  • Sharp bowl tip for direct loading
  • New airflow serrations for larger clouds
  • Non-electric temperature notification – click
  • Seconds to heat
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