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DynaVap Stainless Steel CCD 3 Pack


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So, you own a DynaVap Herbal Vaporiser? Lucky you! Now you just need to keep it pristine and in tip top condition. A well-maintained/cleaned herbal vaporiser is really the only way to keep enjoying using it.


CCD? Circumferential Compression Diffuser, a long name that refers to the screen that sits at the base of the internal chamber where your herbal material is heated. DynaVap offers 2 varieties of CCD, Stainless Steel and Titanium, with both being interchangeable amongst both tip types. These precision cut discs are designed to allow for maximum airflow to pass through whilst effectively filtering any particulate from entering your mouth as you inhale.

Why Stainless Steel? The more budget conscious of the 2 options on offer. These CCDs still offer amazing levels of airflow just without the intensity offered with the Titanium CCDs. You will find that there are less holes with these screens so a little less cleaning may be required.

TIP: When trying to choose between both CCDs remember that both material heat and cool at different rates.


Generally, the CCD will have lost its shape and will not stay in place when reinstalling after cleaning or it may just be too gunked up for effective cleaning. Either way the screen needs to sit flat and flush within your tip to effectively filter out any plant material when you inhale.


X3 DynaVap Official Stainless-Steel CCDs

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