Elements Artesano King Size Rolling Papers Tray, Paper and Tips


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Designed for the rolling aficionado, I have stocked Elements Rolling Papers since day one of opening my 420-lifestyle super store. No thought required as their reputation precedes them with papers designed to burn incredibly clean whilst not altering the taste of your smoke. A hallmark of Elements is their focus and attention on functionality. You may be asking yourself exactly how functional can rolling papers get? Elements has revolutionised the Perfect Fold, CrissCross run-preventing Watermark and a Magnetic Closure System. All whilst crafting some of the thinnest rice rolling papers available today.


Not just rolling papers, but a portable rolling station is how I would describe this product. All you need (except herbal material and lighter!) in a self-sealing case. 2 fairly strong magnets keep everything in place (and clean) when not in use. Unfurl the case to create a flat surface incorporating a rolling tray. I say a flat surface, but Elements have gone one further by including a rubber band, a kind of spring loaded system that enables you to create a loose funnel for easy dispensing. Pretty useful for windy condition too.

Each pack contains 33 leaves and 34 cardboard tips. Each tip has perforations added to enable you to create the perfect letter “W” (on “M” depending how you look at it) filter. King Sized papers that are made from rice. Designed to be super slow burning with extremely minimal ash when burnt (mostly from the caramel created from the sugar gum adhesive).  Each and every paper has the famous Elements proprietary watermark. Apart from letting you know you have the real deal; this watermark has been designed to prevent runs and allows for a smooth and even burn.


X1 All-In-One Elements Artesano King Sized Tray + Paper + Tips


  • Super thin Rice
  • Slow and smooth burning
  • Rolling Tray + Tips + Papers
  • 33 leaves
  • 34 tips
  • Magnetised case
  • Minimal ash production
  • Elements watermark for no runs
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