Empire Glassworks Fruity Detox Mini Rig Glass Water Pipe


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Empire Glassworks has been around since 2013, a relative baby in the industry but with artists/owners who collectively have 40+ years of experience in crafting exquisite glass pieces for high-end jewellery production. Each and every product they create are hand crafted and are individually designed by highly skilled glassblowers using the highest quality imported glass they can source (all done within the USA). Empire Glassworks uses a very special glassblowing technique whereby they incorporate intricate colours into the glass itself resulting in some pretty impressive 3-D Sculptures. Each piece then ends its journey in a kiln where they are fired at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit with higher temperatures making for a strong durable product with incredibly rich bursts of colour.


The Fruity Detox Mini Rig Water Pipe is an extremely unique products in my store, a real collector’s item. A product you should consider if you are a fan of fruit or just love owning glass pieces that get noticed. This is not a fragile/delicate water pipe and is quite tough and durable. Within the internal water chamber, you can clearly see an assortment of fruit, kiwis, limes and strawberries to be exact and when you inhale water percolates and bubbles all around the fruit. I find it quite mesmerising to watch.

A large glass handle can be found at the back of the body enabling easy usage and transport whilst a colourful “straw” extends out from the piece for easy inhalation.  The entire piece stands at 8” tall (just over 20cms) and the base is around 2.5” (approximately 6cms).


The downstem is fixed in place to prevent damage and has 3 holes for filtration. The female joint is 14.5mm in size and will enable you to use any male accessories of the same size. The removable bowl is male and 14.5mm in size. The bowl is quite different and has a “puck – like” protrusion allowing easy insertion/removal from the down stem and is quite a roomy bowl too. Empire have incorporated Clear Dichro glass into the bowl resulting in an extraordinary pearlescent finish. not your average bowl then!


x1 Empire Glassworks Fruity Detox Mini Rig Water Pipe and x1 14.5mm Cup Bowl


  • Height: 8″
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Joint: 14.5mm Female (Reinforced banger hanger)
  • 14.5mm male bowl (Clear Empire Dichro Bowl Piece)
  • 90 degree joint
  • Use with: Flower
  • Comes with 14.5mm Cup Bowl (male)

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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