Empire Glassworks Panda Flower Bowl – 14mm Male


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Empire Glassworks has been around since 2013, a relative baby in the industry but with artists/owners who collectively have 40+ years of experience in crafting exquisite glass pieces for high-end jewellery production. Each and every product they create are hand crafted and are individually designed by highly skilled glassblowers using the highest quality imported glass they can source (all done within the USA). Empire Glassworks uses a very special glassblowing technique whereby they incorporate intricate colours into the glass itself resulting in some pretty impressive 3-D sculptures. Each piece then ends its journey in a kiln where they are fired at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit with higher temperatures making for a strong durable product with incredibly rich bursts of colour.

Empire Glasswork’s herb bowls are a testament to their lampwork mastery. Themed after the precious, vibrant ecosystems that make our earth unique, each one perfectly depicts and emphasizes the conservation of a specific at-risk habitat or endangered species.


Yes, there is a panda on this bowl – a little miniature figurine that clings to the side of the bowl. There is also a yin/yang symbol. Thick glass has been used but the interior of the bowl is on the smaller side. Perfect for smaller hits. All the artwork is on the outside of this bowl so don’t worry about cleaning it. Light and dark green bamboo shoots adorn the entire bowl.

This bowl is made from Borosilicate glass,  it is 14mm, male and has a frosted port for an airtight seal.


X1 14mm Panda Bowl by the artists over at Empire Glass


  • Size: 14mm
  • Borosilicate / Pyrex Glass
  • Single Hole or Funnel Style Bowl
  • Frosted port
  • Individually Hand-Crafted Art Piece
  • Made in the USA

*Please Note: Each piece is handcrafted therefore they may vary from images.

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