Encyclo-Weedia – 420 Smokes: The Ultimate Stoner Lifestyle Guide by Jack Kapos


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Will I ever have enough books? Probably not and I may soon have to dedicate a new area of my store to a library. I would prefer an area complete with armchairs and a fireplace, but I may have to compromise a little for now! On a serious note, I am a massive proponent of education and feel you can never get enough information. The medical marijuana industry is moving rapidly with new findings/techniques coming out regularly and if staying informed is your desire, I have the books to help you!


Described as the Ultimate Stoner Lifestyle Guide. Straight to the point but a name I wish we could retire. I am referring to the word “stoner”, a misnomer that unfairly stigmatises and stereotypes individuals. The stereotype of the “stoner” does exist in society but in my experience, they are in the minority and do not represent the general user, particularly medicinal patients whose lives have been transformed for the better. Rant over.

A book written by Jack Kapos, dedicated to the 420 lifestyle. The ultimate, inspirational, cultural, therapeutic, globe-trotting, experiential guide to the green lifestyle. This book is a little different to others that I stock as it is geared towards those that already have some knowledge under their belt but would like to enhance their experiences. This is a unique book that explores ways to change up your ritual via different settings whilst presenting you with an array of books/movies and art to (re)discover whilst partaking in your favourite herb!

420(!) individual tips are provided that cover quite a wide range of topics, including the following.

  • Music appreciation
  • Movie Selection
  • TV Shows
  • Books
  • Comic Books
  • Travel
  • Events
  • Relationships and Intimacy
  • Improve your concentration
  • Gaining personal insights
  • Relaxation techniques
  • The internet
  • Fine Art
  • Mindful Smokes
  • Creative Smokes
  • Mind Blowing Philosophical Paradox Smokes
  • Heroic Smokers
  • Therapeutic Smokes
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Recipes
  • Horticultural Smokes
  • Strains


Encyclo-Weedia – 420 Smokes: The Ultimate Stoner Lifestyle Guide Hard Cover Book by Jack Kapos

Note: At We are Lux we do not advocate for the breaking of any Australian laws and this book is for knowledge/entertainment purposes only!

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