Erbanna “Spring” Smell Proof Pouch


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I have a few odour control options in store now (pouches, toiletry bags, backpacks and more) but none that I consider to be aimed at the female demographic. Not that ladies need a specific female version but it’s nice to have such a girly option.

Erbanna has a philosophy of being discreet yet bold. They wanted their customers to love their bags almost as much as the odorous contents (is this possible?)!  Around the world a whole new sub-culture is emerging based around the legal consumption of the almighty herb. This has opened up a whole new dimension of accessories. Imagine walking down the street and seeing someone with an Erbanna bag, you know, they know, but those who don’t know, don’t know.


The Damn Near Smell Proof “Spring” pouch is the perfect go anywhere discreet carry case. I would describe it as a pouch. This is the third Erbanna that I currently sell with a smaller (“Emily”) or larger option (“Kimberley”) on offer. The Spring pouch is the perfect size to cart around your pipes, vapes, rolling tools and herbal material. All at once if you so choose! You could probably throw in a lip gloss, credit cards and keys too.

TIP: Each Erbanna bag style comes with its own artwork. The Spring pouch is inspired by graffiti and there is an image of a female with wildly psychedelic hair. A little anime like in appearance.

Internally there is an open space with a small side pocket that contains a little surprise, a small round storage container. This small container has a plastic shell (and lid) but is lined with a colourful (removable) silicone dish. Use it to storage your concentrates and/or dry herbal material.

MEASURING: 16cms x 10cms


Erbanna like to offer a variety of options for their customers with leather and non-leather options. The “Spring” is vegan-friendly and is made to look like faux leather. Soft and supple with Odor-Loc Tech – a barrier lining that keeps the odour locked inside. A few other design features also play a role in odour control. Even the zippers work hard to control the smell as they are crafted in such a way that they do not breathe so that the odour stays on the inside!


Just as you would all other bags that you own. To ensure that the least amount of odour escapes I recommend taking care of the zipper and closing it completely when not in use.


A simple wipe down with a wet microfibre cloth should do the trick. Pay particular attention to the zipper, wiping away any fibres or gunk.


x1 Erbanna Damn Near Smell Proof “Spring” Pouch – Pink and White Graffiti print


  • Faux leather (Vegan Friendly)
  • Pink and White Graffiti design
  • Odor-Loc Tech
  • Smell proof zipper tech
  • Internal pocket
  • Small silicone lined storage container included
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