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I love discovering a new brand, especially one that focuses equally on functionality and luxury. Recently I have noticed quite a few innovative brands emerging out of Canada. Legalisation has enabled a wide variety of ingenious products to come onto the market. Eves of Eden is one such brand, rethinking the humble paper filter.

Eves of Eden renamed the filter, calling them Crowns. The premise behind Crowns is to provide a high-quality filter that incorporates artistic design. Not sure if I have ever admired a paper filter before but I definitely am now.

Each Crown is Canadian-made and are printed on ancient forest friendly, processed chemical-free and Chlorine-free paper. Crowns are made with 100% recycled material and are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified making these filters eco-friendly.

There are 6 different designs on offer and if you have a specific preference send me a quick message and I will endeavour to send you what you desire. Below is a list of each design. I struggled with some of the descriptions so apologies if they make no sense!

  • Black and white bird in flight (purple label)
  • Black and white striped (yellow label)
  • Black and white abstract fan shapes (light green)
  • Black and white X’s (blue label)
  • Black and white Aztec design (dark green label)
  • Black and white 4 leaf clover and hearts (pink label)

To use: Just as you would any other paper filter.

Contains: x1 pack containing 50 chemical and chlorine-free filters.


  • Printed on 100% FSC Certified recycled paper
  • Chemical and Chlorine-free
  • Made in Canada
  • 50 papers per pack
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