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I just seem to keep adding to my array of Yocan products, they just seem to keep bringing out something new every time I turn around. The Explore is my second dry herb vaporiser from Yocan (iShred being the first) and I chose it initially for its small compact design. A very good looking vape in my opinion. Beautiful curves, silver trim and a rubberised finish with an easy to read LCD Screen that sits upon the side of the device. Easy to use straight out of the box.

The Explore is technically a dual use herb, vaping dry herb and wax/concentrates with a quick change of mouthpiece. To be honest, I have never been a fan of dual use vaporisers and feel you should have the vaporiser(s) that is/are best designed for your individual vaping style and budget. The Yocan Explore prides itself on allowing you to seamless switch between both mediums. In my opinion, I would recommend this unit if dry herb vaping is your primary vaping need with wax/concentrate use secondary.

The Explore is quite a powerful unit for its small stature (1 ½ hours on single charge). A 2600mAh 18650 High Drain Battery can be found within with a total charge time of 3 hours. The battery indicator on the screen will scroll up and down whilst charging. The charging port is located at the bottom of the device. The Explore needs to be charged when the battery indicator flashing 6 times in a row. Unfortunately, you may not vape whilst charging (no pass through).

Multiple safety protections are provided to ensure you have a good experience. A variety of error messages may appear such as;

  • “Open Circuit” – Check heating chamber as it may be burnt out.
  • “RES Low” – Device shorted. Don’t use.
  • “NTC Error” – Negative Temperature co-efficient Error. Device is damaged.
  • “Low Voltage Protection” – Protection for long term storage. Voltage falls below 3.2v.

Furthermore, please make sure to keep the unit off whilst loading to protect yourself.

As previously mentioned, this is a small compact unit – standing at 3.85” tall. Almost entirely fitting into the palm of your hand. The smooth rubberised finish makes it so very easy to hold. The LED Screen will show you set temperature, current temperature, battery level and 5 minute shut down timer. The digital temperature control can be set within the range of 200°F -460°F (93°C -238°C) in precise 1° increments. Higher temperatures are needed to effectively vape wax/concentrates. To stop the device from heating, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to go into standby mode.

The heating chamber is 100% ceramic and surprisingly roomy. An easy unit to load and clean. The Explore has a 5-minute constant heating function. Meaning that once your pre-set temperature is reached the auto shut down countdown will begin (progress can be viewed upon the screen) and your unit will turn itself off. If you wish to continue vaping it is safe to do so by simply turning the unit back on.

2 interchangeable mouthpieces are provided in this pack. Each designed for a different use.

  • For Dry Heb usage a mouthpiece with an inbuilt stirrer.
  • For wax/concentrates a concentrate coil and mouthpiece combo is provided. This is considered to be a cutting-edge coil that will loosen the wax into a thick oil just enough to evenly spread throughout the ceramic chamber.

Each mouthpiece easily swaps out by a simple pull and twist.

To use: Once again it is recommended that you sterilise all convection heating vaporisers to remove manufacturing oils and residue. Simply power on (5 presses on power button) and set to the highest temperature. With nothing within the chamber set the Explore aside to run through a complete heat cycle (5 minutes). Once it turns off (lights all go out) repeat this process 2-3 more times. Now you are clean and ready for your first use!

Make sure you have charged your Explore (included USB Cable) and determine which medium you will be vaping – dry herb or wax.

Dry Herb – Whilst unit is still turned off, remove the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber. Fill the chamber with ground up (a grinder is always recommended!) herb, try not to overpack or pack too tight. Replace the mouthpiece and rotate to stir the contents of the chamber. You can also stir anytime throughout your session. Stirring helps save time, save money and ensures that all herb is heated efficiently and evenly. 5 presses of the power button to turn unit on.

To change between Fahrenheit and Celsius        –          Power and + (Right) Button together
To flip screen for left and right hands                  –          Power and – (Left) Button together

After Yocan has greeted you, select your desired temperature by holding down the + or – button. The top left-hand corner of the screen will show the numbers increasing or decreasing. Let go at desired number and click and hold the power button to begin heating. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the temperature icon will stop flashing and the device is ready to use.

Wax/Concentrates – Get a hold of the wax/concentrates mouthpiece combo. Unscrew the black mouthpiece exposing the concentrate coil. Use the provided dab tool to gently load a small amount of material onto the coil. Replace the mouthpiece and place the whole lot directly into the heating chamber. As above turn on the unit, 5 presses and set your temperature. High temperatures are recommended for wax/concentrates.

Contains: x1 Yocan Explore dry herb vaporiser (built in battery), x1 mouthpice with inbuilt stirrer,  x1 concentrate coil + mouthpiece, x1 micro USB Cable, x1 Dab/Loading Tool, x1 Cleaning brush and User Manual